Yota has launched the first commercial LTE network in Russia

Yota in Russia launched the first commercial network LTE. Today in Novosibirsk completed the main phase of construction of the network.

 Photo source:3dnews.ru

Speed mobile data networks of the fourth generation is several times higher than in the networks of third generation 3G. This allows you to quickly and effectively handle a large volume of information on the internet: download and watch videos, listen to music, play online games, edit and send high-quality pictures, use our online application to the business.

On January 15, 2012 Yota modems will be available to everyone in our own retail and partner networks.

Network is ready for the joint operation of several operators. In particular, the technical integration is carried out with a "megaphone". Company Yota and "Megaphone" signed an agreement on joint development of fourth-generation networks LTE (LongTermEvolution) in Russia.

Under the terms of the agreement "MegaFon" will be able to provide services to the fourth-generation LTE, using the equipment of Yota, and be able to use Yota network infrastructure "Megaphone".

The main task of the alliance — to provide subscribers with access to the latest technology and services to make them more accessible and appealing by improving the efficiency of capital costs for the construction of LTE networks and reduce operating costs.

"Cooperation with the" MegaFon "will allow us to implement plans for the development of LTE network and to allow subscribers of both companies to use the fourth generation in 2012", — Said the director Yota Denis Sverdlov. "The implementation of the agreement with Yota will enable our customers in the near future to use the" MegaFon "fourth-generation LTE at the highest speeds without losing quality", — Said General Director of OJSC "MegaFon" Sergei Soldatenkov.

Just on the joint development of the network of the 4th generation LTE Yota agreed with "Rostelecom". As part of the agreements "Rostelecom" has access to the network and LTE Yota to provide its clients with regard to this standard format MVNO. Yota will be able to use the infrastructure of the network of "Rostelecom" for data transmission. The agreements reached will contribute to a significant acceleration of ubiquitous networking 4th generation LTE in Russia, which will significantly increase the availability of services.

The agreement on the joint development of fourth-generation network serves as a solution of the problem by the introduction of the most modern communication technologies, as well as overcoming the digital divide in the country. Infrastructure sharing will allow companies to increase the efficiency of capital costs for the construction of networks of 4th Generation LTE and significantly reduce operating costs. Because of this, both companies will provide services to customers much more quickly than if each party has built a network of their own. As a result, more and more people in Russia will be able to take full advantage of the latest generation of mobile communications.

Today, Russia is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of mobile penetration (160%). With the development of fourth-generation networks, it will become one of the world leaders both in geographic coverage and the number of users of LTE, and the level of development of mobile communications in general.

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