Yota launched LTE in Tomsk and Seversk


Yota included in Tomsk and Seversk its network LTE — fast mobile Internet 4G. Internet for all users — unlimited, the company said, as she believes that communication Yota is suitable for those who need the Internet all the time, and those who use them from time to time. Each user can select the optimum conditions for connection and change them at any time at no additional charge, depending on your needs. The price depends on your connection speed — from 300 to 1200 rubles a month.

For those who do not use the Internet constantly, Yota offers access at no extra charge at speeds up to 128 kbit / s. If necessary, the maximum speed can be switched on for 24 hours for $ 100. Everyone who buys a device to access the network Yota can during the week to test free Internet 4G. If the user is not satisfied with the quality of service, Yota will return the money for the device.

Connect to the mobile Internet, you can use 4G Modem Yota — it is quite simple to attach USB-in computer. Also on offer is an internet hub that connects to LTE, up to 10 devices on Wi-Fi, a 2 Ethernet-port and 2-port for VoIP-phones. Yota modem and Internet facility are sold in the online store, retail outlets Yota and partners and are at 2,900 and 5,900 rubles, respectively.

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