You are pumping a lip and sunbathing to be like us! — Negro-English woman, exposing white compatriots

I'm so happy. I was born black and I'll die black. I was born an African, and I will die an African.

The only reason why I was born in this country, is that you're fucked … white people have brought my people here.

My parents — the Africans, who were born in Jamaica, and I — African, born in England, and I can not stand you, white people, I tell you.

Fucked …. belyashi and zombies on the bus! I am black and proud of it

They all want to be black, they're all pumped up lips trash, go to the solarium, and all that in order to be black.

Because of the jewels in the crown of Queen Elizabeth II hit my people! Freedom of speech! I hate white people! I can not stand any of you.

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