Young engineers brought Sukhoi profit of 16 million rubles

The economic impact of the introduction of the All-Russian contest winners developments "Engineer of the Year — 2012" at the Komsomol branch "Dry" exceeded 16 million rubles.

Four specialist Komsomol branch "Dry" — KnAAZ them. Yuri Gagarin became the winners of the All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year 2012". The objectives of the competition — to draw attention to the problems of quality engineering personnel in Russia, increasing the attractiveness of work and professionalism of the engineering workforce, identifying the elite of Russian engineering building, promotion of the achievements and experience of the best engineers of the country, the formation of interest to engineering work among young people, the formation of a data bank of the country’s best engineers . The competition was held in two versions: "Engineering Art Young" and "Professional Engineers".

Process Engineer Sergei Breev, was named one of pobedeiteley version of "Engineering Art Young," is engaged in the enterprise optimization of geometrical parameters of the milling tool to improve the efficiency of machining parts of titanium and aluminum alloys. The embedded technology has allowed them to reduce the complexity, cost and time of production of finished products. Just over 10 months in 2012 the economic benefit was more than 2.6 million.

Victoria Bazheryanu also winner version of "Engineering Art Young," has been developing and Testing new technological processes of manufacturing of parts, conducting experimental work to identify, analyze and prevent the causes of marriage.

According to the "Professional Engineers" the winner is awarded a diploma engineer Svetlana Krasil’nikova, led for the first time in the Far East introduced a line of neutralization galvanic slimes. This has helped to solve the problem of disposal of industrial wastes 1 and 2 classes. The economic impact of the introduction of 6.5 million.

After the contest the title "Professional Engineer Russia" was awarded the electronics engineer Arthur Talibulinu that the company deals with the diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair of complex electronic control systems for manufacturing equipment, implements revision and improvement. In 2012, Arthur Talibulinym was filed and introduced 3 were several savings of more than 2 million rubles. A software enhancement riveting machines allowed the plant to save more than 5.2 million.

For his great personal contribution to the production activities of the company and the achievement of high performance in work all Diplomates of All-Russian Contest "Engineer of the Year 2012" distinguished by the management of the plant.

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