Young Kulibin come from Cheboksary

Ilya Vasilyev seventh-grader in the delegation of the Republic of Chuvashia took part in the International Industrial Forum of Youth "Engineers of the Future 2013", which took place this summer on the shores of Lake Baikal.

With his team, "Stankon" Cheboksary student school number 55 took first place in the business game "Designing 5-axis CNC router."

14-year-old high school student has developed a unique mandrel mill, which was cheaper and stronger than their foreign counterparts.

According to one of the jury members forum, Director General of the Azov Scientific and Technical Centre Nikolai Orlov, "Elijah was not only able to come up with a project, but also introduced him to the rest of the wonderful forum members, demonstrating speaking skills, and demonstrating the vast lexicon of engineering."

In an interview with the newspaper "Sovetskaya Chuvashia" Alena Kuznetsova young engineer, shared his impressions of the visit: "The participants were divided into 8 teams. Were 11 in our people, I Chuvashia and Irina Grigorieva. And each team played as a separate entity. We called her "Stankon" and came up with the logo. We were allocated the money, which you had to buy General Manager for our company team. conducted for this auction. And then everyone was given the task — to make a wooden model of the future machine. want to clarify that layout we developed as a team, and I’m not alone. I conducted a survey about the price, the design of the machine. then did the very wood lathe, raschertil, sawed and hammered together. As a result, our team won first place. This tribute to the entire team. "

In addition to team competition, Ilya Vasilyev and spoke with an individual project in the framework of the forum in the "Development of scientific and technical creativity of young people in Moscow and regions of Russia." And among the 70 participants ranked among the top 13 who will participate in the finals this fall in the MSTU. Bauman.

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