Young people? I told her yes and 36 — a competitor!

ALEXANDER Kulchiy. The nineteenth season in the big football eleventh — in the Premier League … 36-year-old midfielder "Rostov" and to this day, if not injured, plays from start to finish.

At the suggestion of "SSF" Alexander looked at our football from the height of his experience and age …


— Alexander, you too have probably forgotten the last time I worried going out on the field …

— Well, why not, sometimes it is. But often such a pleasant excitement. A nervous trembling long gone. It was a young man …

— Someone you recently on the passport data suggests?

— Yes constantly teasing, such as "what is old, not run by you." But this is a joke, of course. And so we Sanya Cherkes (33-year-old defender "Rostov".. — Ed.) Elders called. But what are we old men, if last season I was 28 games out of thirty played virtually no changes …

— Probably, young people are turning to you patronymic?

— Oh, no. In football, as in a bath, all are equal. When you’re playing as a team, you can not stand up for someone.

— Do not believe it. Certainly every team has some informal rules of relations between the youngsters and, shall we say, old man. What you are not allowed to young people?

— Sure, they shout at us can not. It’s not even being discussed. To young to tell me how to play football — it’s too much. Well, maybe in the dining room or bus, they can not take the place of "the old man." There should not be so young broke in two sittings, and senior huddled together. So neatly explains, you are there pokompaktnee …

— His first match remember?

— Phew! Remember-you remember, but not want to remember … It was a very bad match for me. Imagine, the hometown of the father in the stands, I kid — at the base, and immediately went awry. My "GOMSELMASH" in the second, another union, the league took "Dynamo" -2 way from Moscow, and I’m tired of this arranged? In the programs was wrong, so pass the goalkeeper gave her that we just did not score a goal. Of course, I was replaced at half-time. I was so shamefully — all help!

But after five or six games released on the replacement of the second half, and I immediately gave two scoring pass. Since then, things will get better.

While, however, in the same time I have just enough stydoba. Played in Moscow — all the same the second league, and some of the brow-haired old man walked fan. Well, I was just with him into someone drove hard. Dedulki yells, "What are you doing, fascist!" But I was young and hot, the move sent it to the right place. I, of course — from the field … When cold, so disgusting in my soul was, and led the team, and an older man wronged.

Sheep — In the victim of Victory

— That I Play football players say, they say, I do not need to prove to anyone, I’ve already proved everything. You can silently say so?

— No, of course. I constantly have to prove that I was the appropriate level. That’s my job. Football is not without ambition. As a young man wants to go to a decent level to get you on the TV show, now more …

— For the career you have played in seven teams. Where they felt most comfortable, and what does it depend?

— In the "Saturn" I played for five years. Here there felt at ease at one hundred percent. Maybe it’s because I was in the prime of … Well, because there came from the Moscow "Dynamo". It is valued in the province, attention increased, pushing the lead, but still get all of the game. Then the composition was good in Yaroslavl. The capital is something there, and that’s been fully Muscovites — Kechinov, Sergei Grishin, Kluev, Sanya shirk … And coach Pobegalov usually creates a team, given human qualities.

— What is it — get used to a new team or get used to a new coach to adjust to his views?

— It is more difficult to come to a new team. Little effort on the psyche: what’s in them and how, nobody do not know. A new coach — it’s a good thing. I have worked with such coaches as the same Pobegalov, Petrushin, Golodets, Dolmatov Petrakov, a team of Belarus — Malofeev Baydachny … And every time the new coach must prove that you are worthy of the basics. And it stimulates. Stagnation is not.

— It often happens that sometimes the coach should shake up the team after a series of setbacks during the break or a bad match. Probably everyone has their own method of shaking. Some of it you remember?

— Yes, in many ways. Someone goes to cry, someone is trying to almost a whisper calm down.

— No one like Ferguson, did not rush to the players football boots?

— Valery Yu Petrakov could cram in a break — will not find. Thank God, no hands. But a chair, for example, may suffer.

— In hockey, Anatoli Tarasov, speak to shake up, took out a command to the forest, where there were kebabs. Took out in front of astonished players and offered a bottle of vodka to drink with a trainer …

— … But we have to "Saturn" somehow dragged series without a victory, and Rahmatullo Fuzailov, an ethnic Tajik, persuaded Pobegalova slaughter a sheep. Alexander did so, he brought all the players at the base area in the woods, hired a special person who is in front of all sheep killed and cooked dinner. But that dinner is not eaten by many, were all shocked that a sheep was killed. But after that win are often — a fact.

On the men’s conversation

— Do you have something to compare. Tell me now in football a lot of random people, those players who have the money?

— Of course, the nature of many of today is not the same. And the skill too. After all, I still play, not because such a strong player, but they are now that I’m 36 and in their competitor.

Sometimes I hate that young people in the team is not football, computers, night clubs so cars on his mind. But then cools down and realize that now is the time more. Maybe I’m born later, in the same would not. So do not hammer yourself this head. How much do I still hold out? Yes football for me to decide for itself, and say enough is enough! So it’s not guessing myself no time limit.

— Previously, joked: who drinks more, he plays better. Young people today probably mode so as you never dreamed of, because now very different incentives, very different salaries …

— Exactly. Only young yet because the regime, they do not have enough health to combine both. Such as Gorlukovich, so no more …

— You had to be a captain?

— Yes, more than once. I am now the vice-captain. But I do not like this thing, usually ask the guys, I did not choose to …

— Why?

— Well, as you say, not because I’m afraid of responsibility. On the field, I’m sure I can lead them, but after the match … In short, talk to the press — it’s not mine. A captain is obliged to do so.

— Are you hurt something journalists?

— No sort of. Simply, we can say, the language I have not suspended. I play better than say …

— Underrated are you, Alexander … Oh well. Discover the best secrets of how the teams are meeting without the coaches. They say, "the guys gathered for male conversation to figure out what’s what." Something akin to hazing?

— Yes, what there hazing. Just sometimes seething. It was so with us in the "Saturn" and "Tom" … Usually such conversations take place somewhere in the bar — all gather, sip a beer,
a liberating and tell each other everything they think. It’s better than to walk and chant "we do something wrong, we is not." All teams come in such conversations. And always in the bars. Sober did not get to talk heart to heart.

— But when the "freewheeling", and can reach up to shout …

— This is it depends. It also happens to be kind, it happens, we have to take away the children.

It was his father’s three sons

— Now in "Wings of the Soviets" a very difficult situation for the players. How would you behave in their place?

— I’m in Tomsk had something similar when four months did not pay. But we lost, waiting benefit the team was good. In Samara, a slightly different situation — there is no one to play them. They are there as a trap — and can not run away, and you can not come, the debts are not repaid. We can only work and wait. One can not understand why the club so all launched. Is it just to the instructions of the Prime Minister hopes …

— There is much talk on the subject of translation of the Russian championship on a system of "Autumn Spring". And what it says Kulchiy footballer?

— And I, frankly, do not care what system to play. I’m not afraid of frost — on the field, it is always hot. But I do not agree to play without fans. You can try a new, but I would declare the referendum, such as voting among fans — let them decide. They also have a first, the game is for them. I’m just afraid that the bad conditions are not pushed away from football kids.

— Many are now debating about how much we have players in the team. In your opinion, in fact, a large number of foreign players — brake for our football?

— I think the current rate — six foreign players and five Russians quite normal combination. Did the Russians, who "in order" will marinate on the bench?

— You had to regret the missed chance that could make your career brighter?

— I’m always glad that I have. But if you could change something, I was young stricter regime would apply to training and more. What to talk about it now …

— Give advice seasoned youth — what to fear what is not.

— Who am I to advise. Although … it is necessary to be afraid of their fear. Never think that you will fail. You always have to set ourselves some, albeit small, purpose, then the most interesting. Do not be afraid to dream of "Barcelona!"

— It is often said: "I will remember for a lifetime." What do you remember for a lifetime?

— Match team of Belarus to the "Wembley" on October 14 last year, I definitely remember for a lifetime. It’s hard to put into words: the legendary stadium, field — a blade of grass to travinochke at full stands — fans for the fans, rovnehonko, rivals — the star to star. Terry, Lampard, Beckham, Crouch, Cole … So perfect picture, that defeat did not even seem so bitter. After the match, you think you’re not in vain for so many years in the football game that has made sure that you have taken here. This is the strongest football experience in my life.

— And the family?

— It is sacred. Every weekend I fly home to Moscow. There’s wife, Svetlana, and three sons.

— Causes respect!

— Senior — Maxim already fourteen. He wants to be a footballer and is engaged in the "Timiryazevtse." Vladislav — ten, hockey player. Playing in the "Polar Bears." And Miroslav — a year. It will probably be like Beavers — and with football, and hockey.

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