Young Rescuer — Young Hero of Russia Mikhail Yarmonov

Often in everyday life there are situations when the life and health depend on the correct and timely action by a bystander. In such a situation, everyone can be a lifesaver.

It’s a story with a happy rescue took place last summer in the village of Majorca Charyshsky district of the Altai Territory. It has become the hero of ten teens who teaches fourth grade then still Misha Yarmonov.

 August 28, 2012 to Michael asked a neighbor, mother of seven boys, asking them to see where her son is running. Michael immediately responded to a request from a neighbor, and going round the countryside by bike along the river Charysh, he saw on the opposite bank a drowning child, who was a strong current carried down the river.

Misha, not wasting a moment, threw off his clothes and swam for help. When he swam to a drowning man, exhausted boy had disappeared under the water. Our hero ducked, grabbed him under the arms and around 20 meters sailed with rescued ashore. Struggling with a strong current, dragged Michael pulled the boy who was already unconscious on the beach.

Last week, a young lifeguard from Mallorca was awarded the badge of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. This high award, which honors usually rescue professionals, personally handed him his first Deputy Chief of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Altai Territory, Colonel Igor internal service Lisin.

In conclusion it is worth to quote the words of the Head of Administration of the application Charyshsky District SP Petrov: "While still in the water, Michael Yarmonov Daniel turned onto his stomach and began to gently press on the chest, and clambered ashore, continued CPR as he was taught the lessons of life safety." This case once again confirms knowledge of the rules of safe behavior, as well as the ability to help themselves and neighbors in an emergency, never superfluous and always serve the cause of saving people.

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