Young St. Petersburg State University chemists have distinguished themselves at the symposium ESAT. Congratulations!

Held at the 25th European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics ESAT got a whole bunch of awards young Russian scientists, all — representatives of the St. Petersburg State University.

FAQ: European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics ESAT is held in various European countries since 1974.
This year it was held for the first time in Russia, St. Petersburg State University, and attracted a record number of participants — about 300 people. Petersburg symposium was highly appreciated by the participants, the Organizing Committee continues to receive feedback is greatly appreciated for the excellent organization and the high scientific level of ESAT. The next symposium will be held in 2012 in Potsdam.

The main prize for young scientists ESAT — Prize Helmut Knapp. The competition was attended by students, graduate students and postdocs first year. Of the 43 works in the finale were seven that have been discussed in detail Competition Commission. With a large margin after the first round were Maribo Morgensen, postdoc Danish Technical University, and Bachelor Chair of Macromolecular Compounds, St. Petersburg State University Sergei BARBER. The award went to Sergey Tsiryulnikovu for work on the synthesis of a new type of gels based on polyethylene glycol.


"The main advantage of the obtained gels — biocompatibility, — Said co-chairman of the organizing committee of ESAT-2011 Professor of St. Petersburg State University Alexei Victorov. — These materials are very promising for use in medicine, for example, for targeted drug delivery, as well as in the manufacture of artificial tissues. "

Unlike most of the other cation-anion gels this new material can be assimilated by microorganisms and decompose, so it is more environmentally friendly. Sponsor Award Knapp, including prize of 500 euros, was a young private firm Active-Nano, based employee of St. Petersburg State University Galina Cernik.

The main idea of the symposium ESAT, planted by its founder, Professor Helmut Knapp — is creating a platform for interaction between scientists and engineers from universities, research institutes and industry. Clarification of fundamental scientific problems, which will provide a significant promotion of new industrial technologies and the involvement of young scientists to actively participate in the international scientific community — the two main objectives of symposia series ESAT. At the last symposium, presented awards to young scientists established by international professional associations and large companies. Award of the European Federation of Chemical Technology for the best thesis of the year on Chemical Thermodynamics and transport properties presented by Professor Dorn (Bayer) Maria Francisco, now a postdoc at Berkeley, for work done at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

The winners of the competition in the field of Netzsch thermal analysis were postgraduate students of chemical thermodynamics and kinetics of the St. Petersburg State University Oleg Silyuk and Michael Chyslau. The peculiarity of their work "Thermogravimetric study of ion exchange and hydration complex layered titanates and tantalates"Under the supervision of Professor Irina Zvereva, was the original application of thermo-chemical investigations of hydration of layered oxides. Layered compounds are of particular interest as nanostructured materials for use in catalytic processes. In addition to diplomas, certificates and the winners received cash prizes — 500 euros each.

Oleg Silyuk and Michael Chyslau

One of the 5 prizes established for young members of the International Association of Chemical Thermodynamics and publishing Elsevier, graduate student went to the department of chemical thermodynamics and kinetics Maya Trofimova. Her poster presentation, presented in collaboration with other young scientists from the Department, is dedicated to the thermodynamics of the combined reactive mass transfer processes — the fundamental basis of energy-saving technologies.

Praised the work of young scientists at St. Petersburg State University symposium confirmed the active development of the St. Petersburg school of thermodynamics, which is at the source of the University of Leningrad were Shout of the founders of the Academy of solutions Dmitry Petrovich Konovalov and his pupil, corresponding member of the Mikhail S. Vrevsky.

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