Youth Sakhalin made an expedition by sea to the island of Kunashir

Extraordinary expedition along the Kunashir Island (southern Kuriles) made a group of tourists from Sakhalin — acquainted with the harsh beauty of the participants in the mobile camp center of youth tourism, members and volunteers of the club "Boomerang" went on a sailing catamaran, sea kayak and motorboat.

As noted in the club "Boomerang", the tourists in the Kuriles not a rare phenomenon, it is possible to meet people from every corner of our vast country, for that matter, and foreigners, for example, visited the island on the eve of the Swedes. However, young people were surprised local old-timers. Even the soldiers forced "Laguna" during morning exercise running up to be photographed next to the unusual in the Kuril Islands courts.

In three weeks, a group of 17 people visited almost all the main attractions of Kunashir. Columnar Cape — one of the trademarks of the southernmost island of Great Ridge — examined not only from the sea and land, but under water, where the majestic natural sculpture is no less exciting. Lime pillars plus clear water of the Okhotsk Sea creating the impression of an ancient monument, leaving the blue abyss.


Movement by sea complicated weather conditions, on Kunashir weather can change several times a day. Travelers repeatedly came under heavy rain a few kilometers from the place where the sun was shining bright.

In those days when the weather does not allow you to move across the sea, tourists acquainted with the island, they say, "on my own two feet." They visited the volcano caldera Golovin in the reserve "Kuril" and were able to see the volcanic lakes and Boiling Hot. Next up was Mendeleev Volcano, the Hot beach, bay and Alekhine "Stolbovskaya" mud source.



A pleasant surprise was meeting with the local fauna — many runners and skinks as well as Minke whale (minke), which repeatedly showed his back out of the water for the journey. 

In general, the marine walkway along the Kunashir Island is successful, given that the places visited by tourists Sakhalin, Kuril Islands for themselves often remain unexplored. White spot was just rising proudly skyward volcano Daddy, but this island travelers intend to correct in the following campaigns.



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