Youth Team Russia won the European Summer Olympic Festival in the team event!


July 29, Trabzon (Turkey) ended years of European Youth Olympic Festival. The Russian team won the team victory, winning the first five days of 54 medals — 21 gold, 17 silver and 16 bronze.

The runner-up team of the United Kingdom (06.10.17), the third — Ukraine (8-4-3), the fourth — Italy (12.07.12), fifth — Romania (6-7-1).

Out of the 21 gold medals won 12 swimmers. Maria Baklakova scored five victories in the 200 and 400m crawl, krolevoy in the 4x100m relay, 4x100m medley relay and mixed relay 4×200 m Anastasia Guzhenkova excelled in swimming at the 100 m butterfly, Anna Hanus — 200 m breaststroke, Daria Ustinov — 200 m backstroke, Eugene Sedov 50 m crawl, Semen Makovich — the 100 m butterfly. In addition, the boys won krolevuyu and 4×100 m medley relay of athletes won Alain Kudashkin (3,000 m), Natalia Shirobokova (core), Catherine Renzhina (200 m) and Alina Gerasimchuk (spear). Gold is also in active handball players, junior team gymnasts and wrestlers Diana Dzhigaros (63 kg), Uruskhan Balaeva (66 kg) and Irene debt (up to 44 kg).

Silver swimmers took Anna Hanus (100 m breaststroke), Anastasia Guzhenkova (200 m butterfly), Maria Baklakova (100 m front crawl), Semen Makovich (400 m, complex), Alexander Kudashev (200 m butterfly), Vsevolod Zanko (100 m breaststroke), Michael Dovgaluk (200 m, complex) and Yevgeny Sedov (100 m front crawl), as well as track and field athlete Natalia Shirobokova (disc), judo Natalia Golomidova (48 kg), Zarina Babinyan (up to 52 kg) , Temurbek Nuraliev (up to 73 kg) and Vera Davydenko (over 70 kg), tennis Aizatulina Juliana and Daniel Medvedev, gymnast Sergei Stepanov (the horse) and the volleyball team.

Won the bronze medal basketball players, gymnasts and Andrew Eugene Schelgunova Lagutov (both — the floor exercise), judo Olkg Sanin (60 kg), Alexander Petrunya (81 kg), Ahmed Magomedov (90 kg) and Vladimir Young (over 90 kg) Marina athletes Buchelnikova (length), Christina Bondarenko (pole), Vladislav Tsigankov (400 m / w), Simeon Popov (L) and the girls 4×100 relay, as well as swimmers Igor Bespalov (1,500 m front crawl), Victor Zakharov (200 m , crawl), Daria Ustinov and Eugene Sedov (both — 100 m, back).


The present record holder was a young swimmer from Tchaikovsky Perm region Baklakova Maria, a student of Ludmila malyshevoy coach. She won five gold medals and one silver medal at the European Youth Olympic Festival.

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