Yurginskie mechanical engineers have developed a draft of a new machine for the transport of persons in mines

At Bucyrus completed drafting the new rubber-tired vehicles with diesel drive on the technical task of "SUEK-Kuzbass". It is designed to transport people and cargo in hazardous mines of dust and gas.

According to the developers, this technique has no analogues in Russia. The machine is used articulated design that allows for the rotation of increase agility equipment in the mine. Steering is performed by two hydraulic cylinders that move poluramy designs against each other during movement. The car will use a diesel drive engine (producer — Italian firm Miretti) will be carried out in an explosive performance. Dimensions of the machine:

  • height and width — 2m
  • Length — 7.8 m

The low, narrow, and is intended for the mines. The passenger cabin has 12 seats and a small amount of cargo. The design provides for the possibility of replacing the cabin or cargo on the cargo version, the total load capacity equipment — 1.5 tons.

OOO "Production Association Yurmash"- The largest enterprise in the engineering industry in the Kemerovo region and Western Siberia. It is a powerful universal machine-building enterprises with a full cycle — from open-hearth steel making to finished products. The plant has developed and brought to the mass production of artillery systems, equipment, space rocket launches, mining equipment, handling machinery, maslootzhimnoye aggregates of various modifications, loaders, excavators, and other products for industrial purposes.

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