Z-16GAMMA: a new development of the company to measure the level


Z-16GAMMA— The latest development of the company, established for the exploration of the radiation situation in the area in real time.

Given the vast experience in the testing of various specialized equipment based on UAV ZALA and due to the increasing demand among potential partners, the company’s engineers have designed and built a unique device called the Z-Gamma, compatible with unmanned aircraft and helicopters of the universal complex ZALA. It presents a wide-range smart probe gamma radiation and is designed to measure aeskers gamma radiation. 

This device transmits real-time information received radiation surveillance specialists ground teams. This will in the event of an accident radiological character several times to reduce the time of the search and rescue and liquidation works on the site of emergency, and as soon as possible to identify and estimate the limits of the territory affected by radiation. With regular monitoring of the ground using Z-Gamma, perhaps timely prediction and prevention of possible radiation and its negative effects.

Z-Gamma has already been successfully tested at the end of August of this year during a special tactical exercises "Rosatom" in s. Hawthorn Karakulinsky district, the Udmurt Republic. During the exercise, the drones ZALA, a device equipped with the latest proven effectiveness and prospects of their use to assess the level of radiation at a particular locality.

To date, four of the complex UAV ZALA elektroeneregeticheskoy work in the industry — at nuclear power plants and the security services.

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