Zaporozhye physicians were the first in the world to develop a unique method of Otolaryngology

In the Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Hospital otolaryngologists are adopting their own unique scientific and medical developments and the joy of returning patients to full life. As part of the diversity of scientific and medical developments otolaryngologists Zaporizhzhya Regional Hospital will give odds not only metropolitan counterparts, but also abroad.
In particular, it is the first in the world to develop and put into practice the use of a unique technology of artificial material — expanded polytetrafluoroethylene of NPO "ECOFLON" (St. Petersburg, Russia) — for plastics damaged nasal septum and the walls of the paranasal sinuses, as well as a number of other solutions medical problems, particularly in the surgical treatment of liquorrhea in hypertensive patients. Now Zaporozhye technique is also being tested in the Munich clinic (Germany).

Research work on the basis of our department on the application ECOFLON for plastics in otolaryngology has been going on for more than two years. Had positive results, — says head of department, doctor of the highest category Igor Raskin. On them are held accountable global health community in several international forums otolaryngologists. The new material — porous polytetrafluoroethylene, created using nanotechnology — a real breakthrough in solving the problem of substitution of tissue in reconstructive surgery in general and plastic surgery in otolaryngology in particular. It is resistant to infection, well integrated into the surrounding tissue, and furthermore, after 12-15 months and replaced completely dissolves the patient’s own tissue, the artificial material is not a trace and, therefore, no need for reoperation for its removal.

It Zaporozhye otolaryngologists first in the world to develop, license, and have applied the method of surgical treatment less traumatic cerebrospinal fluid that occurs in hypertensive patients during the crisis due to excessive intracranial pressure or is the result of severe injuries kraneospinalnyh, in particular, in case of accident. In this procedure, otolaryngologists perform such operations in conjunction with neurosurgeons without craniotomy with access via the upper respiratory organs, applying ECOFLON to replace damaged tissues. Usually in neurosurgery used to do this a tough titanium mesh. When there is an urgent need for such a highly specialized medical care in the Zaporozhye region recorded at least 5-7 per year.

ENT service Zaporizhzhya Regional Hospital includes a 40-bed capacity hospital and ENT outpatient department with an advisory surdologichesky and foniatricheskim cabinet, on the selection of hearing aids. In the hospital receives annually treating about 1,200 patients. More than half of them operate successfully.
In addition to the study of modern functional auditory and vestibular analyzers in the department, in particular, carried out almost all kinds of functionally reconstructive operations on the middle ear. Patients return a sense of social usefulness, the joy of communication and the possibility of intense creative activity.

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