ZAZ increased car production by almost 34%

PJSC "ZAZ" (ZAZ), the largest Ukrainian car manufacturer, in 2011, issued 60.862 million units, down 33.9% higher than in 2010 (45.465 million).
As reported on the website ZAZ released over the past year: the brand ZAZ — seven cars, Lanos — 10,85 thousand, Chance (export version of the Lanos) — 24,086 thousand, VAZ — 2,342 thousand, Sens — 8,394 thousand , "Lanos van" — 910 pcs., ZAZ Forza — 4,318 thousand, A13 (Chery) — 5,882 thousand, Chevrolet — 524, KIA — 2,957 thousand, trucks TATA — 292 buses — 300.
For export in 2011, delivered 30.59 thousand cars (more than 50% of total production). Moreover, its volume compared with the same period last year increased by almost 41% and the share in total production increased by more than 2 percentage points

It was reported that in the 10 months of last year the plant showed almost 50% growth of production vehicles within 11 months — 44.5%

Over the past month, in particular, produced 123 Lanos cars and 34 units. "Lanos-van." Also issued 1,193 thousand cars Sens, 780 ZAZ Forza, 600 A13, 108 cars KIA, 1,485 thousand Chance, 123 VAZ, as well as 71 bus and 52 trucks.

ZAZ currently produces, in particular, passenger cars under the brand ZAZ (including Lanos, Forza), VAZ, Chevrolet, TATA trucks, JAC, buses of small class I-Van, spare parts for cars.
In 2011, the plant had originally planned to produce about 75 thousand cars (65% more than in 2010), but later corrected the plan to 62-63 thousand units.
Earlier in 2012, ZAZ previously planned to increase the production of cars to 86-90 thousand units.
In 2010, the company produced 45.465 million vehicles, which is 2% less than in 2009. Factory finished the year with a net profit of 9.96 million USD, while in 2009 it amounted to a net loss of 158.76 million USD.

Controlling CJSC "ZAZ" owned corporation "UkrAvTo", which also owns a majority of the Polish car factory FSO. The structure of the corporation includes more than 400 auto service businesses in all cities of Ukraine, distributor and dealer of the leading automobile brands, as well as a network of filling stations.

JSC "UkrAvTo" was registered in 1992. In 2010, the Corporation’s net income increased to 14.2 times by 2009 — up to UAH 75.844 million, net income from sales rose by 62.2% — to 2.69 billion USD.

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