Zhytomyrski lasoschi have been certified Halal

One of the largest confectionery companies in Ukraine — Zhitomir factory ALC "Zhytomyrski lasoschi" — was certified "Halal" for part of its range of products, which will expand exports to Muslim countries.

This is stated in an UNIAN press-service of the company.

According to the report, in recent times, most food manufacturers use ingredients of animal origin, which are prohibited by the Shariah requirements and harm to human body.

To assign the certificate of "Halal" Zhitomir enterprise SLC "Yellow Fever" was visited by a commission of experts DUMA (Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine) to inspect the product and the conditions of its production. The result was a certified "Halal" on a certain list of products (certificate of "Halal", issued by experts Duma confirms the compliance of products with the requirements of Shariah — Ed.).

"The news of the assignment of the certificate of" Halal "for part of the company’s product range is very crucial for the Muslims of Ukraine. Ukraine has almost no information, product name from vendors do not contain animal fats, alcohol additives, gelatin and other forbidden by Islam components. As a result of this certification, the Middle and Far East are going to import candy, cookies and wafers production Zhitomir confectionery factory "- said in a statement.

Also, the report noted that the presence of the sign "Halal" is proof of additional guarantees product quality for the consumer.

UNIAN reference. JSC "Zhytomyrski lasoschi" as a result of the merger with "Budstayl-XXI" was transformed into additional liability (ODL) "Yellow Fever."

Confectionery "Zhytomyrski lasoschi" (created in 1944) — one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Ukraine. The plant produces more than 227 kinds of products.

Confectionery factories "Zhytomyrski lasoschi" this year is going to start exports to China

Confectionery "Zhytomyrski lasoschi" plans in 2013 to expand into new markets, including — for the Chinese market.

About this UNIAN correspondent said CEO Eugene Gamow factory.

According to him, "Zhytomyrski lasoschi" plan to begin exports to China up to 2014.

For this leadership campaign this year, plans to invest heavily — about 10 million USD — investments for the opening of new markets in Asia, CIS, Africa, and above all — China. Factory also expects that negotiations with China on cooperation will be completed before the end of the year.

In this E.Gamov said that in these countries headed by him company plans to create a structure similar to the Ukrainian model. "We have plans — not only the countries of the CIS, we are planning to apply to Asian countries on the African, such as long-term and complex project is a project with China. 2011 We are promoting our products in this country," — said E.Gamov.

The company plans to set up in these areas such as in Ukraine, the commercial network.

"Today, there is already developed national institute managers, that is, in each country called me, we have been a person who directs the process, forms the trade team studies the range, extends it in each country," — said E.Gamov.

As UNIAN reported earlier, confectionary "Zhytomyrski lasoschi" intends to invest in 2013 of 15 million euros in the development of production.

In 2012, the factory has increased the production of confectionery products by 5% compared to 2011 — to 47.5 thousand tons, increasing the volume of sales (preliminary data) by 1.6% — up to 900 million USD.

UNIAN reference. Zhytomyr confectionery founded in 1944. Total production capacity is 70 thousand tons per year.

In March 2011, JSC "Zhytomyrski lasoschi" as a result of the merger with "Budstayl-XXI" was transformed into additional liability (ODL) "Zhytomyrski lasoschi."

ODO "Zhytomyrski lasoschi" produces products under three brand names: "Zhitomirskі Lasoschi", Doma and Optimix, the product range includes more than 250 titles. The company’s products are exported to over 20 countries worldwide.


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