ZIL is counting on government procurement

October 26, in the suburban Krasnoarmeisk at the test site of the defense-industrial sector of the economy of the Russian Federation, the PCF "Research Institute" Geodesy "held a demonstration of the latest developments of police and military equipment in the exhibition" Interpolitex 2011 ".
Among other novelties were presented and modernized family cars ZIL-4327.

 Photo source:amo-zil.ru

Submitted ZIL-4327 is a versatile compact unit for the production of specialized equipment and are designed to address a wide range of tasks: fire truck, ambulance for hard to reach areas, car Corps to carry out educational, military or other jobs, including for rescue operations MOE carried out in difficult terrain passable. The average cost of a universal car ranges from one to one and a half million rubles, depending on the configuration.

Also showed an updated Capital Automobile army truck — diesel ZIL — 131. Installation kit diesel power unit for the legendary car was designed by engineers ZIL on assignment Defense. The main task of the designers was to engine replacement could be done quickly and, most importantly — without major alterations. This advanced machine and has been involved in the demonstrations. Presented at the review ZIL-131 converted and equipped with a reliable 136-horsepower diesel engine.

According to the results of analytical studies of the market, the park ZIL-131 in Russia and the CIS countries today is quite extensive and is actively maintained. A number of organizations that have in their parks ZIL-131 with gasoline engines, we would like to move their cars to a more cost-effective and common diesel. Noting such a market need, Automobile expects that this model engine will be used not only in military and defense units, because the cost of upgrading the gasoline ZIL — 131 times less than the cost of a new machine.

In December of this year, all the cars complete testing procedures and prepare for mass production.

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