ZIL resume exports to Cuba

We ZIL car factory there is a significant history of relations with the Republic of Cuba at the moment ZIL car park in Cuba is about 60 million trucks in the bulk of models ZIL-130 and ZIL-131 in need of regular maintenance and updating.

With the aim of upgrading the existing fleet, the Cuban side, it was decided to replace the old parts and cabins. In this connection, the joint program, ZIL has signed a contract for the delivery of the first 90 sets consisting of cabins new range of ZIL-433360, of feathers and parts required to install them.

In the production of the new model cabins into account the special operating conditions, in particular, to improve the corrosion resistance when shipped by sea coloring was applied by a special process using PPG circuit using two primers. In the future, this technology will be applied in the production lineup ZIL in 2013-2014 year.

At this point, under active negotiation process is also a project of signing another 2 contracts relating to the modernization of 100 vehicles for the Ministry of Defense of Cuba, as well as the modernization of the order of 400 vehicles for the Cuban Ministry of Transport. The planned amount of contracts in 2013 will be about $ 5 million.

ZIL continues to work with Cuban partners. In the nearest plans of enterprises already in April of this year scheduled visit of leaders of ZIL to the Republic of Cuba, the main purpose of which will be further study of the conditions of supply and modernization of the Cuban fleet for the next period.

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