ZIL resumed car production

 Photo source:fishki.net

Since the beginning of August 2011 the plant is dosborka cars, and has recently been launched and the main assembly line for the production of ZIL 334362 with a gasoline engine and a diesel ZIL 432932 ", — said the representative of the company, reports" Interfax ".

He noted that after the visit of the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin in May 2011, the plant had been allocated for the payment of outstanding wages and other payments designed to ensure the functioning of the enterprise.
"Thanks to the support of the Government of Moscow in September 2011, the assembly line will come down more than 300 cars," — said the source.

He said that the management of the factory is working on the task of attracting investors to the industrial areas in order to develop high-tech industries.

"Along with this priority are activities aimed at the modernization of production, employment, job creation and timely payment of wages," — he added.

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