ZIO-Podolsk completed the manufacture of capital equipment for the reactor plant BNPP-2

JSC "ZIO-Podolsk" (included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) shipped to Beloyarsk NPP-2 (BNPP-2) unique equipment. The package includes three mounting degasser unit:

  • two half-shells deaerating tank
  • deaeration column.

 Size of the equipment:

  • tank length — 32.16 m,
  • height (with column) — 8,005 m,
  • total weight — 183.9 m

 Major work on the forge-rolling and welding of shells, welding of pipes, in-vessel components and auxiliary components, manufacturing roller bearings performed "ZIO-Podolsk." The plant also produced deaeration column. The working design documentation developed by the specialists of IC "ZIOMAR." Shipment deaerator implemented in two stages. At the end of November at the BNPP-2 was sent to the column (now it has arrived at the destination), December 10 to the nuclear power plant was shipped deaerator tank. Degasser is part of the preparation of feed water: water in it is heated and removed from the dissolved oxygen. The unit capacity 3200 t / h. De-aerator will be installed at the 22 th level machine room Kola NPP-2. "We have completed extensive work on the production of capital equipment for the reactor BN-800, which lasted for the past five years," — said General Director of JSC "ZIO-Podolsk" Igor Kotov. — "The future plans of the plant — manufacturing of equipment for a new generation of reactor BN-1200".

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