ZIO-Podolsk manufactured equipment for the compressor station Nakhodkinsoye

Machine Building Plant "ZIO-Podolsk" (included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom-AtomEnergoMash) has completed and started production of the supply of sets of filters, separators for the booster station Nakhodkinsoye Yamal "Lukoil".

Engineering and engineering documentation for the equipment developed by specialists IR "ZIOMAR" technical project of JSC "RusGazProekt."

The station will be installed three filter separator, two of which are sent to the customer. The complete unit includes filter-separator drain and inlet gas pipeline system, frame, oporyi service platforms, as well as the control and automation of process technology.

Filters are horizontal cylindrical vessel diameter of 2000 mm, ustanovlennyyna saddle. They are used in the production of hydrocarbons and gas are dlyaotdeleniya of liquid and impurities. This equipment is characterized by high stepenochistki gas.

Installation of process equipment at the station will be held by experts "ZIO-Podolsk."


JSC "Machine Building Plant" ZIO-Podolsk "(" ZIO-Podolsk ") — the largest manufacturer of highly complex heat transfer equipment for the fuel and energy complex: nuclear and thermal power plants, oil and gas industry. 40% установленнойэнергетической power in Russia, CIS and Baltic States are equipped with the brand "ZIO" in tomchisle 100% of nuclear power plants, starting with the world’s first nuclear power plant in Obninsk.

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