ZIO-Podolsk sent a second batch of equipment for the reconstruction of the 10-th unit of Lugansk thermal power plant in the Ukraine

July 8. JSC "Machine Building Plant" ZIO-Podolsk "(part of the group of companies" Atomenergomash ") sent a second batch of equipment made in the reconstruction of CT unit number 10 Luhansk TPP.

The package includes a coil packages KPPVD IV-th stage of the boiler PK-TP-100 weighing 23 tons 768 kg.

The agreement provides for the supply of the equipment in the reconstruction of unit number 10 ST Luhansk TPP was signed in July 2010, the result of reconstruction is planned to increase the capacity of the unit number 10 in the Lugansk thermal power plant from 170 to 210 MW.

Modernization of the equipment will also significantly reduce the specific fuel consumption (coal Donetsk coal basin of type TR, SR). It is expected that after the reconstruction on the block Luhansk TPP this figure will decline from 415.2 to 361.3 grams per kWh.

Total contract to supply equipment for the modernization of the steam boiler CHP plant Lugansk "ZIO-Podolsk" plans to produce 478 tons of spare parts.

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