Zirconia — Surgical instruments and not only

"Hand Surgeon" — this expression has long been synonymous with the professionalism of a surgeon, the high-end of its work. However, to fully confirm these qualities can only doctor in the presence of high-quality surgical instrument.

New development in this area mockovskie experts presented at the exhibition "High Technologies of XXI century — 2013." They created ceramic surgical scalpel is designed for the most complex operations in the internal organs, skin and tendons in microsurgical procedures.

Made of durable ceramic based on zirconium dioxide, aluminum oxide and special additives, a new surgical tool on a number of properties superior to conventional metal scalpels. It has a high bending strength and compressive stiffness, resistance and absolute inertness to any aggressive media. Furthermore, the material of such a tool and biologically inert so that the tool does not require special conditions for sterilization. Domestic development is protected by a patent of the Russian Federation.

At present there is a technology was developed and pilot production of new ceramic scalpels.  Tools manufactured using partially stabilized zirconia obtained from powders. Ceramic scalpels are available in two types — all-ceramic and composite, with interchangeable blades that have an angle of 12 and 24 degrees. In the implementation in production kit — four different shapes of ceramic blade sharpening and with handles in stainless steel or titanium.

As demonstrated by the experience with new items, scalpels zirconia markedly superior to traditional metal cutting tools in performance, which is especially important in surgical practice. The work provides a new scalpel significantly less traumatized tissue (joint heals 2-3 times faster, by smoothing the surface of the micro-relief cutting scalpel compared with topographical metal scalpel). These qualities are achieved at the expense of higher sharpness of a new tool — the thickness of the cutting edge he 0.1-0.2 mm (0.7 mm in metal). Lifetime of the scalpel without regrinding 7, and even 10 times higher than the conventional metal tool.

Zirconia is now finding increasing application in various industries (electronics, fiber optics, mechanical engineering), thanks to its special physical and technical characteristics (very high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, inertness in corrosive environments, heat resistance, electrical and tribological properties, etc .).

Author:Alexei Labunsky

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