ZMZ built diesel engine Euro-4


In JSC "ZMZ" (part of a group of "Sollers") collected and passed qualification tests to confirm the claimed characteristics of the diesel engine "Euro-4".

This diesel engine is a new generation subcompact ZMZ-51432 (2.2 liters) of fuel supply system «Common Rail».

For diesel ZMZ "Euro-4" is a completely new product that requires new technology of manufacturing and assembly.

He will be produced in a variety of designs to complete the entire family of passenger and light commercial vehicles of "UAZ".

Issued by the company today diesel engines ZMZ-514 "Euro-3" go on a complete set «UAZ-Hunter» and the so-called "loaf" — under the Ministry of Defense orders.

In a diesel engine, "Euro-4" is applied more than 100 original parts and components: cylinder head, piston, fuel system, turbocharger, intercooler recycled gas recirculation valve, vacuum pump, etc.

Due to what was possible to increase the energy and economic performance while reducing emissions by half compared with the cars in the configuration with ZMZ-514 "Euro-3" and perform a more stringent noise standards.

The maximum power of the engine is increased from 97 hp at 4000 rpm. / min. Up to 114 hp at 3500 rpm. / min., the maximum torque — from 23.5 kgf • m at 1800 rev. / min. to 27.5 kgf • m, and the minimum specific fuel consumption was reduced from 240 to 208 g / (kW • h).

On the creation of the diesel engine "Euro-4" worked together teams of specialists of JSC "ZMZ", OAO "UAZ", domestic and foreign manufacturers of automotive components.

Currently, the engine ZMZ-51432 "Euro-4" sent to the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant for the development of the technology to build a car assembly line.

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