ZMZ started production of new gasoline engines for Euro 4 vehicles Gazelle and Sable

In connection with the introduction in Russia from January 1, 2013. requirements for vehicles manufactured for compliance with environmental class 4 ZMZ spent improving engine with Euro-3 and in May 2013 started producing motors modes. ZMZ 40524.1000400-100, meet the new requirements.

 In the course of improving the base engine ZMZ-40524 have been introduced following design changes:

— redesign of the valve covers to give optimum tightness;

— improved ventilation system and its components, thus improving the efficiency of the throttle pipe, including at low temperatures.

By Euro-4 engines twice tightened requirements not only on emission of pollutants, but also by the level of noise. Therefore, one of the key activities implemented in the new engine — the use of timing gear drive chain.

Engine mod. ZMZ 40524.1000400-100 tested as part of the GAZ-2705.

Certification of the engine and the analysis of the TU showed that engine power, economic, environmental, acoustic indicators, it fully complies with environmental class 4, ECE Regulation number 83-05V, IEC 53838 — 2010 (section 4.3) and TU 4561-024 -05745130-2007.

Certificates of conformity issued by the certification of products and services FBU "Nizhny Novgorod CSM" on the basis of test reports from 07.12.12 № 10-798-12, as well as from 19.12.12 № 10-808-12 test center "Motor" of "ZMZ" .

For reference:

Engines manufactured by JSC "ZMZ" intended to apply to vehicles GAZ. During the cooperation with the Gorky Automobile Plant OAO "ZMZ" has established itself as a popular and high-quality manufacturer of engines. Especially the numerous requests of consumers, but also because of the need to carry out environmental standards Euro 4 adopted in Russia 01.01.13 year, a new engine.

In connection with these standards on all cars "Gazelle" and "Sable" must be installed engines of that class. Euro-4 engines produced by JSC "ZMZ" entirely suitable for retrofitting vehicles "Gazelle" and "Sable". Replacing the engine on a lower environmental class is not allowed.

Products Zavolzhsky engine plant, which confirmed compliance with the technical regulations, can be labeled with a market and is under the control of inspection for compliance.

The resulting status will allow cars "Gazelle" and "Sable", which are equipped with enginesmodes. ZMZ 40524.1000400-100, to reach the increasingly important consumer characteristics — ecology and economy.

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