Zorya — Mashproekt won the international competition of the computer 3D-modeling

September 19 in Moscow the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Competition XI KOMPAS-3D-modeling. First place in the direction of "Engineering" (category up to 4999 parts in the assembly) won the GP Research and Production Complex "Zorya" — "Mashproekt." Nicholas project engineers, made in three-dimensional modeling system KOMPAS-3D, has received the highest ratings of members of the expert committee.

A team of engineers "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" submitted to the contest a three-dimensional model of the gearbox ship power plant that contains 4657 parts in the assembly. For winning the competition the company received a license of KOMPAS-3D V14, a gift certificate from a company ARBYTE and other valuable prizes.

Enterprise "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" is not the first time took part in the competition KOMPAS-3D-modeling: 2003-2004. Nicholas Engineers projects the winners of the contest, and in 2008 the project "The cold blade" won first place in the category of up to 200 parts in the assembly.

Genetic Research and Production Complex "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" — a company that left a special mark on the history of the development of computer aided design KOMPAS-3D: 15 years ago it was Nikolai’s engineers were among the first people just appeared ASCON software. Today "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" is one of the largest users of KOMPAS-3D, engineers and businesses demonstrate virtuosity system of three-dimensional modeling of ASCON.

Competition KOMPAS-3D-simulation — the international competition, held annually by ASCON — leading Russian developer of software engineering, the creator of the popular three-dimensional modeling system KOMPAS-3D.

In 2013, experts of the contest — the developers, teachers and methodologists, technical support engineers KOMPAS-3D — examined 76 projects presented by engineers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In three-dimensional models designed to estimate the complexity of the construction product and included in the product details and elements of building construction, completion and making better use KOMPAS-3D and specialized applications, the quality of presentation of the project. The criteria for evaluation of applications KOMPAS-3D are the complexity of the problem, ease of use, appearance, reliability, quality help documentation.

The partners of the competition were the leading Russian and foreign IT companies — NVIDIA, ARBYTE, 3DConnexion, NTC APM, Softkey, the company "1C". Information support to the call for proposals magazine "CAD and graphics" and the Russian Engineering Union.

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