ZTMK starts production of titanium ingots

In Group DF sure that deep processing of titanium will Zaporizhzhya produce products with higher added value

Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Works (ZTMK) began testing new equipment and processes for the production of titanium ingots and alloys. The press service of theGroup DF. 

Investment in modernizing ZTMK — Group DF part of the program for the development of titanium industry of Ukraine, the realization of which the group plans to invest $ 2.5 billion to 2017, recalled in the company.

Deep processing of titanium ZTMK will produce products with higher added value that will give Ukraine the opportunity to reach out to the global high-tech markets, such as aircraft, according to a release.

"Today, Ukraine is doing just the first step in this promising area. We — a new player in the market, and we have yet to earn a base of partners, to expand the range of products to its certification and launch large-scale production," — said the Chairman of the Board of Group DFFirtash.

Earlier in 2013, Group DF announced plans to build on ZTMK two new production of titanium slag and titanium sponge, as well as plans for a new production of titanium dioxide in the enterprise Crimea TITAN.

Recall GP Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Plant is the only and the European producer of titanium sponge.

In 2012, the State Property Fund held a competition for the selection of non-state actors, LLC Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Works, which is created in order to attract investment in the company. The winner of the contest has become a group company Group DF.

Group DF — a diversified international group of companies operating in several countries in Europe and Asia. The main activities of the group are nitrogen, titanium, gas and banking businesses. Other areas of activity of the group currently include agri-business, the media business, the production of soda ash, the development of energy infrastructure and real estate.

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