2011 in pictures (part 3)

2011 in pictures (part 3) This is interesting

Over the past three months there have been many exciting events: capture Gaddafi, death of Steve Jobs, a lot of fire, flood and demonstrations.

1) The distorted portrait fleeing Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli, after he was again in the air for 42 year of his rule has vowed not to give up.

2) destruction fire area around the water tower in Bastrop, Texas, USA (September 7, 2011).

3) The "Tribute in light" shines over Manhattan, Statue of Liberty and one of the World Trade Center. 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

4) A woman holds his hand over his son's name at the National September 11 Memorial (11 September 2011).

5) Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, during the UN General Assembly, shows a copy of the letter, which requests permission to full membership in the United Nations as an independent state. Palestinian leader won applause (23 September 2011).

6) Rescuers searched the crash site on the Volga River, 150 kilometers from Moscow. Investigators are trying to find flight recorders crashed airliner, in which there were 43 people (most of the dead were the best Russian hockey).

7) Belarusian hockey light candles in front of portraits of the victims of the Yaroslavl hockey team "Lokomotiv" during the funeral ceremony in Minsk (8 September 2011).

8) the displacement of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on a gurney being taken to the courtroom in Cairo. During the trial, the witness gives evidence to determine who ordered the killing of hundreds of protesters during the uprising that forced the president to resign (7 September 2011).

9) Thai way through flooded streets in Bangkok. A few weeks in northern Thailand due to flooding dozens of people dead and millions affected (3 September 2011).

10) French President Nicolas Sarkozy, head of the National Transitional Council of the Libyan Republic, Mustafa Abd al-Jalil, and British Prime Minister David Cameron joined hands in the Libyan city of Benghazi. European leaders first to visit the country since the fall of (15 September 2011).

11) A police officer runs to the aid of a man who set himself on fire in the Greek city of Thessaloniki during anti-government protests. 55-year-old man tried to carry out self-immolation before the financial problems in Greece have been solved (16 September 2011).

12) Fire makes a girl from a burning apartment in Evansville, Indiana, USA.

13) 34-year-old Joseph Mwangi is in a state of shock to discover that his two children were burned in the explosion in Nairobi, Kenya. Following a leak on the pipeline portion of the slums of the capital in ruins, many people were killed and over 100 wounded (12 September 2011).

14) Bank UBS Trader Adoboli Kveku taken in an armored police vehicle after it was presented to the World Court in London. Trader jailed, was charged with the loss of $ 2 billion in the Swiss bank by unauthorized transactions (16 September 2011).

15) strongly wounded soldier, U.S. Marine Corps, was blown up by an improvised explosive device, have a military helicopter ambulance. The blast soldier lost both legs. All foreign troops leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014, provided that the Afghan police will independently participate in the fight against Taliban insurgents (31 October 2011).

16) The troops of the National Transitional Council of the Libyan Republic irreconcilable politicians oppose Gaddafi in Sirte (10 October 2011).

17) The troops of the National Transitional Council of the Libyan Republic raided a place in which, allegedly, was caught Gaddafi. In the foreground is shot by an armed loyalist. On the wall is written the following words: "This place Gaddafi rat … God is great" (20 October 2011).

18) Libyans pictures with cell phones body of Gaddafi in Misrata. Imperious leader was killed when troops crushed the new regime last pockets of resistance (20 October 2011).

19) 14.345 Chinese are trying to set a new Guinness world record, came together to swim in the hot springs in the southwest of China. Previous world record totaled 10.121 people taking a bath in another Chinese province.

20) Rescue workers carry a 14-day newborn Azrou Karaduman, found under the rubble of collapsed buildings in the Turkish city Erkis. Crowd cheers when the girl's mother and grandmother are alive. The death toll in the earthquake in Erkis of 459 people, with many hundreds or even thousands of people remained under the rubble (25 October 2011).

21) Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou embraces Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker (left is Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi) during a working session of the European Commission in Brussels. The Commission calls on EU leaders to respond to its debt crisis. The EU is trying to prevent a full default in Greece that can go to other countries (26 October 2011).

22) First Lady Michelle Obama its comments to members of the Secret Service after a visit to the U.S. headquarters in Washington, DC (October 5, 2011).

23) An Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit welcomed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Nof Air Force Base, located near Tel Aviv. The corporal was released from a 5-year captivity of Hamas in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners (18 October 2011).

24) partially surfaced vehicles around the ring in the ancient Thai city of Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok. The total number of victims of the floods in Thailand has exceeded 700. The worst flooding in decades left homeless more than 10 thousand people (16 October 2011).

25) Thai boy trying not to soak money during floods. Thais try to keep floodwaters from Bangkok, but they can not protect the 12-Millin city from spring tide (15 October 2011).

26) Ukrainian policeman tries to calm the former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, when the judge read out the verdict Rodion Kireev Kiev-Pechersk court. Tymoshenko was sentenced to seven years in prison for abuse of power in the gas issue with Russia in 2009. Kireyev said that the 10-year agreement with Russia on gas imports has led to serious economic losses for Ukraine, which was the basis of the considered Prime Minister criminal. But this verdict prevents Ukraine strengthen ties with the European Union (11 October 2011).

27) in front of a portrait of the founder of Pink Apple and its CEO Steve Jobs at the St. Petersburg store. Jobs, one of the greatest American CEOs of his time, died at age 56 after a long battle with cancer (6 October 2011).

28) The farmers of North Korea are working in a field near the coastal city of Wonsan. This year, foreign journalists were allowed to visit the country, which is considered closed for many years.

29) Amanda Knox cries when an Italian court acquitted her murder charge of British student Meredith Kercher in 2007. The court ordered the immediate release of an American after 4 years in prison.

30) People are looking for scrap metal in contaminated water Guatemala City garbage dump.

31) Participants in the demonstration, "Occupy Wall Street" attacked the police during a march on Wall Street in New York (October 14, 2011).

32) Texas Governor Rick Perry, presidential candidate of the Republican Party, fills the documents for participation in primary elections held in the state of New Hampshire (October 28, 2011).

33) Businessman grimaced, passing by the tents of protesters the movement "Occupy London Stock Exchange" (October 17, 2011).

34) Navy Capt. Mark Kelly hugs his wife Gabrielle Giffords after receiving the Order of the Legion valiantly during retirement ceremony in Building Eisenhower Executive Committee (October 6, 2011).

35) An activist holding a cross in front of a burning barricade during the eviction of Irish nomads from Dale Farm, bred about 50 kilometers from London. Police with sledgehammers smashed the walls of houses, where the Irish lived illegally for 40 years (October 19, 2011).

36) Boeing 767 Polish airline LOT, arrived from New York with 227 people on board, had to make an emergency landing at Warsaw airport after landing gear failed to lower. Plane had to wait for the runway to be prepared for an emergency landing, during which no one was hurt (1 November 2011).

37) Fans of Michael Jackson have expressed their reaction to the decision of the court in Los Angeles in the case of Dr. Conrad Murray. The court found him guilty of the death of the King of pop music. Murray himself has not given his reaction to the long-awaited verdict after a 6-week trial (7 November 2011).

38) Students welcome the University of Pennsylvania football coach Joe Paterno. He and his assistant Jerry Sandusky was fired five days later, after the assistant accused of child molestation (8 November 2011).

39) Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter during an interview in Haiti. Carter Family joined the volunteer company, designed to help build 100 homes for victims of the earthquake (7 November 2011).

40) Employees of the Egyptian election voting results of the parliamentary elections in Luxor (29 November 2011).

41) Championship NCAA in Coronado, California (November 11, 2011).

42) The shadow of U.S. President Barack Obama on the wall of the White House. The President arrived in Washington to discuss a bill on the creation of jobs (7 November 2011).

43) Egyptian police forces riot control tear gas against demonstrators in the square in Cairo (20 November 2011).

44) Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti receives from his predecessor, Silvio Berlusconi, the bell after the ceremony of swearing in Rome. Bell used the Prime Minister to call attention during government meetings. Berlusconi resigned after numerous scandals that weakened his political influence (16 November 2011).

45) WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange leaves the building of the High Court in London after losing the case on his extradition to Sweden (Swedish authorities have accused Assange in the commission of sexual offenses.)

46) A man lifts an elderly woman after she boarded the bus at one of the flooded streets of Bangkok (3 November 2011).

47) Former assistant Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky is placed in a police car to take to a federal district judge Leslie Datchkot. Sandusky is accused of abusing eight minors (5 November 2011).

48) The police used pepper sprays to prevent demonstrators promotion campaign "Occupy University of Davis', blocking their way out of the courtyard of the university (18 November 2011).

49) The Chinese Ministry of Housing, Rural and Urban Development gave an order to local authorities not to reduce restrictions on the acquisition of houses.

50) Myanmar's pro-democracy opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, and Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton to express their emotions after an interview with the press in Yangon.

51) American soldiers first cavalry division going home after a deployment in Iraq, at Camp Virginia. Over 9 years of war killed thousands of Americans and 4.5 100,000 Iraqis.

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