500 bucks for a house in the U.S.

The unusual trend in the U.S. real estate market. The cost of homes dropped to a record low for the last ten years, the level of private companies and individuals are starting to buy properties in bulk.

Thus, in Columbus (Ohio), investors bought 49 homes at $ 3,000 each. It's hard to believe, but even 5 years ago, the cost of each of the houses built in the colonial style, exceeded $ 100,000.

Just a few months the owners abandoned bankrupt property quickly became useless. There bred rats in the walls and ceilings appeared mold, hardwood floors vzbuhli from moisture. None of the private buyers are hesitant to buy a house in an area that is more like a great decoration to the post-apocalyptic film.

"Before, we gave the house to rent for $ 3,000 per quarter, and now sell for $ 3,000 — says a former local resident Jim Kraft. — On the first day of the crisis all began to fall apart. One by one, people were out of work, immersed in poverty, borrowed heavily and, ultimately, remained in the street … "

In the suburbs of Illinois, the couple bought 15 houses in the amount of $ 195,000 (at $ 13,000 each). "The most interesting thing is that in 2005, my wife wanted to buy in this community one house for $ 187,000 — says John R. buyer. — Now we have more than 15 times. It's hard to believe. "

John candidly admits that the purchase occurred spontaneously. "It's nice to feel themselves masters of the whole area, — he says. — Someday, property values will creep up, and we'll make at least a million dollars. No one will convince us that the house will drop even more. They are already at rock bottom. "

In Detroit (Michigan), Atlanta (Georgia) and some cities in Florida investors are buying homes in the hundreds, $ 500 — $ 1,000 for each. Companies are willing to regularly pay taxes, duties and other charges, but they resell the property has not yet collected. "Until the end of 2012, most of the vacant homes will be purchased in bulk, — said one of the directors of the company, the buyer, who wished to remain anonymous. — Then the real estate market will creep up again. "

Another paradox is that in some American cities are much more profitable to buy a home than rent. So business people buy 5 — 6 items for $ 100 — $ 120,000 in cash and then rent them for 1,000 — 1,200 per month each. In two years, the money invested is fully paid off, and continue to live in the homes of people.

This is what Phil Grace and his wife Monica. They bought four homes in Phoenix (Arizona) and four in Minneapolis (MN). In the first city apartments rent more expensive mortgage payments on an average by 21%, while the second — at 28%. "After a maximum of 2.5 years all the money invested will return to us in the form of rent from tenants — said Grace. — That's when the house will begin to generate income. Approximately $ 7 — $ 8000 per month before taxes. "

Wife Grace honestly admit that in the business for cheap houses no big deal. The main thing — to understand the real estate market and enlist the support of a professional lawyer. One of the houses in Minneapolis Phil bought for just $ 7,000, renovated over the last month with his own hands, and then handed over $ 1,300 a month the family, who traveled from California to open a business.

"If you have an extra $ 100,000 and free time, you can increase your capital at least twice in one year, — said Phil. — For cash banks are willing to part with even the cheapest house for half price. So buy, repair and donate. "

Banks, it is worth noting, are far from being the best of times. Selected for the debts of idle real estate for years, and the financial structure of regret even a few hundred dollars to put it in the divine form. Hence, another secret trend of buying wholesale, "If the house is sold for $ 10,000 and looks at $ 10,000, it does not mean that its real price is $ 10,000." Small repairs can increase the value of the house at times. This is well-known buyers.

For example, a professional builder John Trieste from Iowa home buying dozens to repair them and resell profitably. Acquired property he repairs his three sons. "Our challenge is to turn the house into the house in 1905, 2010, — says Trieste. — The last time we bought a house in Missouri for $ 17,000 and 9 months later sold for $ 99,000. Net income was about $ 50,000. It's a lot of money … "

Building materials Trieste never buy in the shops. It rides on sales "all out of the house," which is also satisfied people who are on the verge of losing their homes. "Tools, paint, doors, windows, plumbing, antique furniture — all of this we buy for very little money — says Trieste. — My family crisis has only helped to start a business and keep it well. "

Unfortunately, not all residents of the United States can afford to buy even the cheapest housing. Tens of millions of families are in a depression of today's opportunities. Most unlucky people who bought property at the peak of a large bank interest, and then lost and houses and money.

"In 2007, the year I bought a house in Florida for $ 700,000 — writes the visitor online forum Kyle. — I gave $ 140,000 as daunpeymenta and another $ 40,000 spent on taxes and legal services. My house is sold today for $ 65,000. He does not need it. I owed the banks nearly $ 100,000 … "

If Kyle withhold the money until now, he could buy a nice house in any state in America (of course not in the big cities and in the bohemian areas).

Depression is caused by a collapse of the real estate market is eating many Americans. "We bought a house in Detroit for $ 350,000 in 2006 — says the visitor Diane forum. — Lost property, we had to move into a tiny apartment. I wish I could go back to six years ago and talk yourself out of that fateful shopping … "

Many would-be homeowners (or rather, the former homeowners) are aware that a second chance to buy property they most likely will not be presented. They have no job, no credit history, no money. Their names are listed in the bank bases are real or potential bankrupts and debtors. "If I buy a house, I even cable TV and home phone with internet nobody finds — wrote one of the members of the board. — My Social Security number will not sustain even the weakest test. Even after the purchase to me to come back for sure marshals, tax inspectors, representatives of banks and debt agencies. All of them will be interested in the same question: what kind of money I bought a new house? "

A total of all of the above to say this: despite the fact that the U.S. real estate market is at the bottom, hundreds of thousands of people earn a lot of money on buying and selling houses. In general, as one of the dealers in real estate: "If you lost your home because of the crisis, then you can easily bring it back, as long as this is the crisis is not over …"


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