70-degree jump in temperature in Antarctica

Dome of the automatic weather station

September 27, 2013. Argus dome is considered one of the coldest places on Earth.

This is the highest point in Antarctica (4093 m), although one of the least known places on the globe. It is situated at one end of the elongated ridge (about 60 km long and 10 km wide). Ice thickness is more than 3000 m paleo-scientists believe this is a suitable place for the collection of ice cores, which provide a record of the past climate and atmospheric gas composition in the past, for a period of more than one million years.

The lowest temperature in the world ever? 89,2 ° C, was recorded in July 1983, at Vostok, Russia.

The dome of nearly 600 m higher than the East, so there is a good chance that the automatic weather station at Dome one day offer a world record low temperature on the surface. The coldest temperature reached here today? 82,5 ° C, it was in July 2005.

And now on the temperature graph for September 2013 (Information taken on Australian government website dedicated to the environment and, in particular, the weather in Antarctica.)

We see that the Australian office tracking recorded:

  • September 24 — minus 57 degrees C.
  • September 25 — plus 15 degrees C.
  • September 26 — minus 41 degrees C.
  • 27 — again minus 57 degrees C.


What caused the 70-degree temperature jump in one of the coldest places on the planet?

What causes abnormal weather on Earth that cause catastrophic events around the globe?

What is not telling us the climate scientists that with a clear conscience after announcing a new global warming global cooling?

Based on: Department of the Environment
Source: News plus comment

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