75% of U.S. students can not serve in the army

Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of State Condoleezza Rice and former school chancellor of New York's Joel Klein prepared a report on the situation in American schools.

The report concludes that the academic performance of children and adolescents is low. Moreover, the school still can not solve the pressing problems like child sadism and drug trafficking. "If the situation in educational institutions do not improve, the country's security and economic prosperity will cause serious concern", — the report says. 
Most Rice and Klein angered by the fact that 75% of students can not serve in the army. They have either a physical disability or a criminal record, or lack of intelligence.
At the same time, former officials welcomed the initiative of President Obama aimed at improving school education. The head of the United States, we recall, has signed several important documents, through which children improved their knowledge in areas such as math, reading and history.
Moreover, the federal program Race to the Top provides for the payment of premium students who received good grades.
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