85 signs that you may be a terrorist

Lati publishes a list of 85 characteristics for which the FBI can bring you to the list of people requiring special attention and observation:

1) You are using the Google, to find their way in an unfamiliar city.

2) You are using Google Maps to view photos of stadiums.

3) On your PC you have installed the software for online data protection.

4) Are you trying to hide your computer screen from the looks of strangers.

5) You have shaved his beard or hair colored or changed your way of dressing.

6) You are sweating.

7) You avoid eye contact with people.

8) Using cell phone camera at the airport, the train station or at the mall.

9) Try to work alone or unattended.

10) is clearly seem "out of place".

11) Do you have to dress bright colored spots.

12) Do you missing any fingers or toes.

13) From you comes a strange smell.

14) To make a purchase, you are traveling on "illogical distance".

15) There is someone who takes you from a beauty supply store.

16) Are you nervous.

17) You — a new client in a town or village.

18) use a credit card to someone else's name.

19) Call out environmental slogans near the construction sites.

20) You go to the site after work.

21) rent a boat for a long period of time.

22) to make a radical theological commentary.

23) make vague or cryptic warnings.

24) expresses anti-American sentiment.

25) Do you buy several prepaid or disposable mobile phones.

26) Get out of the store without programming disposable phones.

27) are showing increased interest in the satellite phones and Privacy conversations.

28) Ask about the exchange of SIM-card in mobile phones.

29) Ask questions about how to determine the location of the phone.

30) Peremontiruete wire ring or light mobile phone.

31) Not to the point or no provocation provocative express your religious or political sentiments.

32) Do you buy a police scanner, infrared devices, or 2-way radio.

33) are acting too hastily.

34) to drive a vehicle that seems overloaded.

35) Quickly go away when you see that you have noticed and come to you.

36) is as "suspicious."

37) to make illegible marks on the map.

38) taking pictures the Statue of Liberty or the other "symbolic targets."

39) dressed "for the weather."

40) In the toy store asking questions about radio-controlled model airplanes.

41) demonstrate the interest that seems to mock.

42) Pray to provide specific room or a room in a hotel or motel.

43) arrives with an unusual amount of luggage.

44) Refusing to cleaning a room or rooms.

45) Do not show up in the lobby of a hotel or motel.

46) For a long time stay in your hotel room.

47) leaves your hotel for a few days and then come back.

48) leaves behind his clothes and toiletries.

49) park your car on a single isolated site.

50) transposes the SIM-card of your mobile phone.

51) Using several mobile phones.

52) make unintelligible to outsiders comments.

53) to communicate with someone through a computer game.

54) is loaded with "extremist / radical" content.

55) raise concerns coverage of terrorist attacks in the press.

56) Wear a backpack when the weather is warm.

57) Talking with the technical staff or security guards.

58) to make racist comments.

59) muttering something to himself.

60) Do not pay attention to anonymous threats.

61) Carefully photographing objects of public transport.

62) came together with a group of people, and then separated from them.

63) require to comply with your "privacy" (privacy).

64) approval of the application are those who justify violence in support of the "cause".

65) to make a bulk purchase of ready-to-eat foods.

66) came to America from countries with a militant Islamic groups.

67) are out for a long time engaged in religious education and charitable activities.

68) Travelling in a country ruled by militant Islam.

69) studying technical subjects, which may be useful in carrying out terrorist operations.

70) Do you work in an area that can "serve as a cover to prepare for the operation."

71) spoke out angrily about U.S. global policy.

72) shy away from giving "full of personal information."

73) The papers on car hire are providing several different names.

74) Do you deliver an unusual amount of letters, packages and parcels.

75) without the permission of replacing the locks on the doors of the leased premises.

76) make alterations to hide storage space.

77) Do not make the rent on time.

78) inquired about safety in your repository.

79) In your rented storage or trash cans can find unusual items.

80) Avoid contact with the staff of the lessor of your object.

81) appears on the leased warehouse you an unusual number of times.

82) require that the delivered materials coming directly into your repository.

83) You are part of a group of people with identical tattoos.

84) You ask about tattoos, which may obscure extremist symbols.

85) As a Muslim, you are flying on September 11 of any year.

Source: http://perevodika.ru

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