A cautionary tale about how the general secretary of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia became a revolutionary artist and marketer of ideas of Western strategists

Flirting talented strategist West Churchill Yugoslav communist leader Tito began, of course, in 1948, a little earlier. Tito nimble biographers write about it in the spirit of western misinformation — rather vague and contradictory. Foreign Office himself and his faithful assistant's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) on the subject for more than half a century, not a word. However, as they say, murder will out. It suffices to compare the facts that have leaked over time for reasons beyond the control of the ICU, and a normal person can understand the behavior of Tito in 1948 Here are some of the amazing facts, and the reader can judge.

Very punctual performer directives of the Comintern (the iron discipline was the hallmark of the communist movement in that distant time), general secretary of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia Tito, while in deep underground, however in 1940 establishes a secret radio station with links to the Communist International, in a house of undercover SIS V.Velebita (?).

May 9, 1941 Tito illegally transferred from Zagreb to Belgrade and lives in the upscale neighborhood of Belgrade, in the bourgeois villas minded bourgeois, pro-British — Ribnikara, Savićević, Petrovich and from there headed underground (?).

As you know a popular uprising against the occupation began immediately after the June 22, 1941 Just been released large territory of Serbia. Led by members of the Central Committee of the CPY uprising that after the meeting on June 22 went to their regions and were in the thick of things. Tito's "too late" with access to a free territory for three months and arrived in Kolubara guerrilla group in Western Serbia's only September 18, 1941

October 15, 1941 Tito arrives in liberated g.Uzhitse where the main headquarters of the partisan movement. By this time the British submarine drops on the Montenegrin Adriatic coast of British delegation to the General Staff. The delegation consisted of Captain Hudson of the SIS, the two major royal army in London and telegraph Dragicevic. They are freed by the guerrillas in Montenegro come in Uzice, where they were received Tito. What did you talk Tito and Hudson, is unknown. The next day, Captain Hudson and the two major left to Mihailovic and telegraph Dragicevic was under Tito to maintain telegraphic communication with the Comintern (?).

In late November 1941, the German command takes a major offensive on the free territory and a guerrilla attack on November 29 Uzice. The General Staff and the remains of the city's defenders retreat to the South in the mountain of Zlatibor and stay in place Palisade, as Tito was not there, and all were afraid that he was in town. And suddenly appears after midnight Tito accompanied Captain Hudson, and as they say historians, he stayed in the basement of a Hudson uzhitskogo bank. From where and how it was Hudson — is unknown.

The main guerrilla forces retreated into the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with Tito and he was in Bosnia February 25, 1942 from Montenegro reported that the second mission of the British intelligence seeking communication with Tito and that they will arrive March 19, 1942 The members of the delegation were British Maj. T. Atherton, telegraph Donovan and General Nedeljkovic. April 16, 1942, the British delegation had gone to Mihailovic.

In the spring of 1943 the main guerrilla group by clicking the river Drina, Piva, Tara, was in the mountains near Mount Durmitor in Montenegro. The main headquarters of the guerrillas received credible information that the German command's going to take a general attack (the so-called 5th ofanzivu) to surround the partisan units concentrated in the area of Durmitor, and, clutching the ring, completely destroy them. It was necessary to withdraw from the May 20 hazardous area until the division is not punitive closed the encirclement. However, Tito, being on a plateau in the Black Lake, did not give the order to timely care guerrilla of the upcoming German ring. He waited for the third British military mission, which was to fly and descend by parachute on the plateau. The mission was late for eight precious days. Punishers with Chetniks ring shut. Finally, the delegation landed by parachute at 2 am May 28, 1943 in the mission had six members, including two captains — B. Stewart and J. Deakin. Only the next day was ordered connections on the breakthrough of German ring. As the Wehrmacht had plenty of time to strengthen the ring, the loss guerrilla in the breakout were huge. Up to 20,000 were killed in the assault and break the enemy positions. Several thousand wounded guerrillas have been done punitive.

In March 1944, the guerrillas freed Drvar British Prime Minister Churchill to Tito sends its proxy — the son of Randolph Churchill, who remains with Tito until May, and then returned to his father with a detailed report on its work.

In August 1944, British Prime Minister Churchill, while in Italy, inviting Tito to visit it. General Secretary of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia was pleased to accept the invitation. That's what pishuttitovskie biographers, historians have known I.Bozhich, S.Chirkovich, "M.Ekmechich and W. Dedier, telling details about these meetings: Churchill and Tito met three times in two days. The most important meeting was the first, and it took place on August 12, 1944. 13hours from 12 to 15 minutes. On the Yugoslav side was present only Olga Nincic, (?) Who helped in the translation, and therefore had no time to make any document on the content of conversations. On the British side, except Churchill attended English diplomat Pirkson Dixon who led his protocol. At other meetings, Tito and Churchill attended the Yugoslav side, and a number of other figures. They only come from more information about the meetings themselves, and that they have learned in the backroom conversations about what actually was said at the first meeting of Churchill and Tito. " In connection with the above naturally occur at least two questions:

Who the Olga Nincic that only trusted her to attend the first (as biographers say) historic meeting of Churchill and Tito, though Nearby are the famous leaders of the national liberation movement and the members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPY?

Still what was discussed in the first such top-secret conversation between Churchill and Tito.

It turns out that Olga Nincic employee Tito, daughter of the leader of the bourgeois king of Yugoslavia, who was foreign minister in the government of General Simovic that conducted with the participation of pro-British SIS coup in Belgrade on March 27, 1941 As the daughter of a very wealthy parents, Olga was not only appropriate education, but also had the opportunity to attend pre-war England. Here, obviously, it is her knowledge not only in English but also in other spheres of political and social activity. So, naturally, that it is quite appropriate to satisfy not only the requirements of Churchill and Tito, but also to the ICU of providing such in all respects a responsible, sensitive and historic meeting. It is not surprising, and that it is over the next several decades, not a word on the merits of this first meeting of Churchill and Tito.

Essentially themselves talking at the first meeting of Churchill and Tito the crumbs scattered information backroom conversations, memories, and the subsequent actions of the real figures of historians agreed that Churchill and Tito discussed the following issues. First of all, Churchill was very interested in the right, in its opinion, the future social structure of the new Yugoslavia and the implementation of the strategy. Tito on the subject gave a full explanation. Having come to a mutual agreement, had been considered the issue — and that as at this meeting can be reported to Stalin and Roosevelt. After all, it was necessary to take into account that the Red Army was about to enter the Balkans. Consideration was given to the political elimination Mikhailovich, now no longer necessary to the British, on its cooperation with the occupiers, and the decision to issue the royal government of Yugoslavia exile in London.

Military cooperation in various aspects have already been considered in two other meetings in the presence of guerrilla generals of the liberation movement.

Given the above is not so surprising behavior Tito after the war, of course, provided that the person does not give in to the incredible number of inventions, political chatter Tito and Western historiography. Earlier, I said the initial period of socialist construction in 1945-1947. They did not mention about the various activities of Tito, who pointed to its gradual preparatory steps towards the separation of Yugoslavia from the socialist community of nations. These steps Tito have been analyzed in some detail by Stalin and VM Molotov in his letters sent to Tito, Kardelj and Rankovic. They first in a very mild form of comradely criticism pointed to the absurdity of which appeared in the foreign and domestic policies of Tito, and gradually from principled positions require precise answers and explanations. These letters were published in 1948 and if you want to find them and read them. From the top end of the XX century, it is clear that tens of thousands of Yugoslav persistent fighters against fascism, hundreds of heroic guerrilla commanders and formations, talented leaders of the underground heavy fighting against the occupiers, as well as Joseph Stalin and the Soviet leadership had underestimated the collusion of Churchill and Tito, 12 August 1944 g

In 1948, the first phase of successful strategic plans Churchill transition Tito ended the Anglo-Americans in the camp.

Background to the disaster massacre of the Yugoslav Communist Party

Having made a betrayal of the interests of the peoples of Yugoslavia, Tito, because of the circumstances (if he wanted to stay in power), first of all had to deal with the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (CPY), with live Communists, most of which has been hardened in a bloody battle against fascism, was set up pro-Soviet, firmly believed in the justice of the socialist ideals. Count on the fact that they can buy posts, career — was not necessary. The defeat of the Communist Party was secretly prepared ahead of time and successfully implemented in the years 1948-1956. Of the 285,147 members of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, which it had in the beginning of 1948, it was possible 218,379 people, the vast majority of which issued the brunt of the struggle for freedom and socialism. All of them were persecuted and, together with hundreds of thousands of non-party millstone were terrible concentration camps — "Naked Photo", "St. Gregory of", "Bileca", "Mermer", "Zabiela," "coal," "Gradiska", "Ramskogo Rita" "Glavnyachi" and other "holy" places in the system break-up of the human mind and will, according to "democratic" models and methods of the "civilized" West.

Traitors, being in power, always cruel vengeance great sons of the people. No wonder the Serbs say "Poturitsa burn from Turchin" [Traitor worst enemy]. When Tito in 1948 over to the Anglo-Americans, and Yugoslavia has turned into the main mouthpiece of anti-Soviet, he said Momcilo Djuric (of the most famous guerrilla, which was discussed earlier, and that is that hot summer in 1948 commanded the Guards units of the Yugoslav People's Army) — you're with me or against me? Momcilo replied bluntly that his best share the peoples of Yugoslavia can build only in alliance with Soviet Russia. No other way. Therefore, he is not against Soviet Russia and Tito will not advise. He, like thousands of other Yugoslav communists were arrested in August 1948.

Eight years from 1948 to 1956 held Momcilo Djuric in the dungeons of Tito. These famous partisans, as well as the tens of thousands of Serbian, Montenegrin, Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian Communists used such sophisticated torture, which the author of "Union" and the well-known anti-Soviet Rybakov, Solzhenitsyn Granin, Yevtushenko, Voznesensky, M. Zakharov, Aksenov, Solouhin , Sakharov, and Shafarevich and others like them, even in the worst nightmares could not dream of.

Creeping counterrevolution organized by Tito, gathered momentum in the struggle against their main enemies — the members of the CPY, overlaps the "achievements" of the Gestapo with a vengeance. Gestapo men sought to destroy the counter-revolution as Tito sought to break their morale and use them as beasts to intimidate people. Any cost to break the will, to turn them into maddened traitors. This period of "quiet" counter-revolution and killing of wild men "humane" and "very humane" West said nothing about human rights is not even stutter. But the writers and writers in Moscow, Russia, and the same "civilized" West could, if desired, to learn about this terrible, just terrible truth, read it in books Miroslav Popovich "Beat the band", Milivoje Stevanovic "In Tito factories" traitors " books academician Dragoslav Mikhailovich, in the stories of women "Women's Camp Naked Otoko" collected Dragoslav Simic and Bosko Trivunovicha and other materials of the living and the dead are witnesses who survived the nightmare.

None of these books, thanks to the "concerns" of the sixties, Gorbachev, Yakovlev and others like them, are not translated into Russian. The spread of the truth does not meet the interests of the pro-Western indoctrination Russians pursued the sixties, did not correspond to the interests of promoting Tito "market, humane" socialism in Western money and planned sixties "reformism", which together with other factors, and shook the foundations of Soviet society. With such a huge selection of factual material Yu Loschits, to put it mildly, is simply incorrect, discussing this issue, refer to the former members of the "Union of Communists" / Ck /, and now on the nationalist writers and Cosic Isakovich. They are at the same time tragic 1948-1960's "quiet" counter-revolution in Yugoslavia Tito ideological henchmen in the destruction of the Communist Party. Only ideological defectors, opportunists capable of that. Betraying ran across, slightly otryahnuvshis and otmyvshis, sit in a comfortable chair, a rant about the wildest throes of his former comrades-and matter-of-factly to give "their" assessment of the events and actions. Of course, they give false assessment, because it is necessary to rehabilitate himself and to the children and to history.

Momcilo Djuric broke down and the eight years of continuous torture and still came out the moral winner. Being a man of highly educated and honest, never confused the time, the chronology of events, cause and effect, considered in their development, has always required a serious conversation with a concrete analysis of a concrete situation and was always ready to face the truth. And if in the hot summer of 1941 Tito, being the leader of Communist Party of Yugoslavia, held the political line of the struggle of the peoples of Yugoslavia against the invaders for the freedom and independence of their country, and even this line had such a powerful and historically proven as a Soviet ally, Russia, the Momcilo Djuric this line of thought action only true and he spent it all on their own in the difficult times of the Second World War. He supported himself and leader Tito, even three times saved him from death. But when Tito perverse unlimited authority and a complete absence of control, committed treason, Momcilo, despite the exorbitant at that time (1948) the cult of Tito, in the face of it he said. For it is cruel, and paid, as well as hundreds of thousands of his supporters.

From the book by Predrag Milicevic "Six West's aggression against South Slavs in XX — century"

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