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Incredible is always with us. This incident happened more than a decade ago in public areas. The name of his hero and at the same time a witness, for obvious reasons, changed. Here is his story. "I came here on a call. The apartment was promised during the year. Position decent. Deputy. director. A good salary. What more do you want? I settled temporarily in a hostel. You understand that after such a normal family life in the south plunge to the bottom of it, neither to relax after work will not give, nor eat a human being there are no conditions. That music at full volume until the morning, then binge drinking and vacillation. All this I quickly tired of it. I am a man in his prime, is not deprived of female attention, but the family away. In short, we met at a party. Beautiful, normal woman. The divorced. One-bedroom apartment. All the furnishings and a son. What is missing is the male presence. So I became a man coming, but with one condition: to move the family. Everything is going Chin-Chinar. I just got notice that she is jealous of me, and reason, not really. It's not just reached almost to the disorder. I, of course, is easier: dressed and left. After a day or two nazvanivaet, apologizes. And everything goes on as before. You've got to admit, she is a woman even where. And a person came out and figure, and everything else … At work, she called me as a last resort: the so agreed. I told her more often when the minute to spare. With the apartment was a delay. For the second year is over, but I do promise: "That's it now." And I kind of sucked, and not particularly insist. Roman our gaining momentum. Well I was with her. In addition, always full, clean, ironed and — no strings attached. All is well, if it were not for her excessive jealousy. And most importantly — for no reason. Once the call. Calls it, Dean, "You who have just been in the square?" "With no one — answer — I just got from the director." "How is it with anyone if I saw you with my own eyes with a woman? You have a hand on her shoulder put. I decided to get rid of me? "No matter how I tried, my argument does not have the desired effect. And it was repeated almost every week. That's my Dean sees me at the store with a lady, in a small square, just passing on the other side of the street. And I'm always pretty, but different women. And I at this time, just know, I am at your workplace. But I have no faith. One could not stand and lied that his wife came. Believe it, and a week later rolled scandal. About two weeks after that I did not show up in her eyes. And then handed a warrant for the apartment. Family — a sacred thing. Dinah was forced necessity, and now no longer needed. That's enough to play with love. With these thoughts go out to the director and chief engineer of the encounter. He rolled his eyes at me, "You, Peter Kuchma?" "Well, I — I answered, or for a night has changed?" "No, — he says — but I have just met on the street, not far from here. And, by the way, with a woman. " "But how is it that — disgusted — when I spent an hour in the office of the director? You probably mistook? "" No, no, — insists — themselves marvel at themselves. " He brings me to the window, and I see from the second floor … himself, talking to a beautiful lady ten meters away from the building, on the sidewalk. Suit, necktie and even my hairstyle. I stand himself to his profile. Even the mole on his cheek discerned. And I do not believe my eyes. After all, can not be! And run down. Very much I wanted to look closely at his double. I take off the street, and the woman goes to meet and looks around: "It's you again?" "As you can see. I'm sorry, what's your name? "" Larissa. We've only just met. You yourself have invited me to a restaurant for seven in the evening. " "And you come?" She smiled: "Still think about it." But no matter how I tried to learn more about the feeling at the moment Peter Kuchma "split", I find nothing substantial has failed. These "little things" weathered the story from memory, chica. Still, I suspect that the reason for the materialization of the phantom-double was the mistress of the original Dean. It is likely her irrepressible imagination plus the ability, of which she had no idea called "the light of day" twin Peter Kuchma. Dean left the Inta, and confirm or refute my conclusions are not possible. I attribute this phenomenon to the category of emotional vibrations that contribute to the artificial separation twin, which may be on a different level, event-driven one and the same time.

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