A full list of U.S. war crimes Part 4

1970 — Uruguay. American experts on torture teach their skills of local democracy advocates to counter anti-American opposition.

1971 — 1973 — the bombing of Laos. This country were dropped more bombs than Nazi Germany. In early February 1971 the US-Saigon forces (30 thous.) With the support of the U.S. Air Force invaded South Vietnam to the Southern Laos. Eliminating the popular governor of the country — Prince Sahounek, who was replaced by an American puppet Lol Nola, who immediately sent troops to Vietnam.

1971 — U.S. military aid in a coup in Bolivia. The President Juan Torres was dropped, he was replaced by dictator Hugo Banzer, who first went to a painful death in 2000 of his political opponents.

1972 — Nicaragua. U.S. forces are introduced to the support of the government, favorable to Washington.

1973 — The CIA arranges a coup in Chile, to get rid of pro-president. Allende was one of the most prominent Chilean socialists and tried to hold the country's economic reforms. In particular, he began the process of nationalization of key sectors of the economy, has established high taxes on the activities of transnational corporations and imposed a moratorium on the payment of the public debt. As a result, seriously affected the interests of U.S. companies (ITT, Anaconda, Kennecot and others). The last straw for the U.S. was the visit to Chile Fidel Castro. As a result, the CIA was ordered to organize the overthrow of Allende. Ironically, probably the only time in history, the CIA financed the Communist Party (Chilean Communists were among the main political parties competitors Allende). In 1973, the Chilean military, led by General Pinochet a coup. Allende shot himself with a machine gun, presented to him by Castro. The junta suspended the constitution, dissolved the National Congress, banned political parties and mass organizations. She turned bloody terror (in the dungeons of the junta killed 30 thousand Chilean patriots 2,500 "missing"). The junta abolished the social and economic achievements of the people, the land returned latifundistas, businesses — their former owners paid compensation to foreign monopolies, etc., were broken off relations with the USSR and other socialist countries. In December. 1974 A. Pinochet declared president of Chile. Anti-national and anti-people policies of the junta led to a dramatic deterioration of the situation in the country, the impoverishment of workers, significantly increased the cost of living. In foreign policy, the military-fascist government followed the United States.

1973 — Yom Kippur War. Egypt and Syria against Israel. America helps Israel weapons.

1973 — Uruguay. U.S. military assistance in the coup that led to the total terror across the country.

1974 — Zaire. The Government provides military support the U.S. objective — the seizure of natural resources. America do not mind that all of the money (1.4 million) appropriates Mobutu Sese Seko, the leader of the country, it does not bother her, and that he actively uses torture, throwing opponents in jail without trial, robs starving population, etc. .

1974 — Portugal. Financial support for the pro-American forces in the elections for the sake of avoiding the decolonization of the country, of which up to 48 years of loyal U.S. rules of the Nazi regime. Off the coast of Portugal held large-scale exercises with NATO to intimidate opponents.

1974 — Cyprus. Americans support a military coup, which was to bring to power a CIA agent Nikos Sampson. The coup failed, but took advantage of the temporary chaos Turks invaded Cyprus and still remain there.

1975 — Morocco has occupied Western Sahara in the military support of the United States, despite the condemnation of the international community. Compensation — America allowed to place military bases in the country.

1975 — Australia. Americans help relieve the democratically elected Prime Minister Edward Vitlema.

1975 — A two-day attack on Cambodia, where there the government had arrested an American merchant ship. Anecdotal history: the Americans have decided for the sake of restoring the image of an invincible superpower to arrange a "advertising war", although the crew was safely released after verification. In this brave American troops nearly killed a "save" a ship lost dozens of soldiers and several helicopters. The losses of Cambodia is not known.

1975 — 2002. Pro-Soviet government of Angola has faced increasing resistance from the movement "Unita", which was supported by South Africa and the U.S. secret services. The Soviet Union had a military, political and economic assistance in organizing the intervention of Cuban troops in Angola, the Angolan army has supplied a large number of modern weapons and sent to this country several hundred military advisers. In 1989, Cuban troops were withdrawn from Angola, but full-blown civil war continued until 1991. The conflict in Angola ended only in 2002, after the death of the permanent leader of "Unita" Jonas Savimbi.

1975 — 2003 — East Timor. In December 1975, a day after the departure of U.S. President Ford from Indonesia, which has become the most valuable tool of the United States in Southeast Asia, Suharto's military with the blessing of the U.S. invaded the island and used U.S. weapons in this aggression. K 1989 Indonesian troops intended for forcible annexation of Timor, killed 200 thousand people. of its 600-thousand population. U.S. support for Indonesia's claim to Timor, have supported this aggression and downplaying the bloodshed on the island.

1978 — Guatemala. Military and economic aid pro-American dictator Lucas Garcia, who introduced one of the most repressive regimes in the country. More than 20,000 civilians have been killed in U.S. financial assistance.

1979 — 1981. A series of military coups in the Seychelles — a small country off the East Coast of Africa. B preparing coups and invasions of mercenaries took part French, South African and American intelligence services.

1979 — Central Africa. More than 100 children were killed when they staged a protest against the duty to buy school uniforms exclusively owned stores president. The international community has condemned the murder and put pressure on the country. In a difficult moment in Central Africa came to the aid of the United States, which was profitable this pro-American government. America is not at all embarrassed by the fact that "the emperor» Jean-Bedel Bokassa personally took part in the massacre, and then ate some of the dead children.

1979 — Yemen. America provides military assistance to the rebels, to please Saudi Arabia.

1979 — 1989 — The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. After numerous attacks of Mujahideen in the Soviet territory, provoked by and paid for by America, the Soviet Union decided to send troops to Afghanistan to support the pro-Soviet government of Gdańsk. Struggling with the Kabul government official Mujahideen, among which belonged volunteer from Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Laden, supported by the U.S.. The Americans supplied Bin Laden weapons information (including the results of satellite reconnaissance), propaganda material for distribution in Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. You could say they made war hands of Afghan insurgents. In 1989, Soviet troops left Afghanistan in which the continued civil war between rival factions of the Mujahideen and tribal associations.

1980 — 1992 — El Salvador. Under the pretext of worsening internal strife in the country, developing into a civil war, the United States initially expanded its military presence in El Salvador through the deployment of advisers, and then joined the special operations with military potential spyware Pentagon and Langley on a permanent basis. Proof of this is the fact that about 20 Americans were killed or wounded in helicopter and plane accidents during the execution of reconnaissance or other missions over the battlefield. There is also evidence of U.S. involvement in ground combat. The war officially ended in 1992, she has managed to El Salvador in 75,000 deaths of civilians, the U.S. Treasury — $ 6 billion withdrawn from the pockets of taxpayers. Since then, no social change in the country did not happen. A handful of the wealthy still owns and runs the country, the poor have become poorer, the opposition is suppressed by "death squads." For example, women were hung on the trees for their own hair and cut off his chest, he cut out the inside of the genital region and put them on the face. Male genitals cut off and shoved them into his mouth, children torn by barbed wire in front of their parents. All this was done in the name of democracy by American specialists were dying every year because a few thousand people. Active participation in the murder of American graduate School of the Americas (School of the Americas), which is known for its training and torture of terrorist activities.

1980s. In Honduras there are military commands death, trained and paid by the United States. The number of victims killed in this country the tens of thousands. Many of those officers have been trained teams of death in the United States. Honduras was turned into a military base in the United States to fight against El Salvador and Nicaragua.

1980 — military assistance to Iraq for the destabilization of new anti-American regime of Iran. The war lasted 10 years, the death toll is estimated at one million. America protested when the UN is trying to condemn Iraq's aggression. In addition, the United States removed Iraq from the list of "nations that support terrorism." At the same time America is secretly funneling arms to Iran through Israel in the hope to arrange a pro-American coup.

1980 — Cambodia. Under pressure from the U.S. organization World Food Program sends Thailand products in the amount of $ 12 million, these products gets the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia's previous government, which is responsible for the destruction of 2.5 million over 4 years of government. In addition, America, Germany and Sweden provided with followers of Pol Pot arms through Singapore, gangs Khmer Rouge terrorized Cambodia 10 years after the fall of the regime.

1980 — Italy. As part of "Operation Gladio" America arranges a blast at the Bologna train station, 86 people are killed. The aim — to discredit the communists in the upcoming elections.

1980 — South Korea. With the support of Americans killed thousands of demonstrators in the city of Kwangju. The protest was directed against the use of torture, mass arrests, rigged elections and personally against the American puppet Chun Doo Hwan. Years later, Ronald Reagan told him that he "did a lot for the sake of keeping five thousand year tradition of commitment to liberty."

1981 — Zambia. America did not like the government of that country, as it did not support the much-loved U.S. apartheid in South Africa. So the Americans are trying to organize a coup, which had to make Zambian dissidents supported by South African troops. The attempted coup failed.

1981 — U.S. shot down two Libyan aircraft. The attack was aimed at destabilizing the government's anti-US M. Gaddafi. At the same time were exemplary maneuvers off the coast of Libya. Gaddafi supported the Palestinians in their struggle for independence and overthrew the previous pro-American government.

1981 — 1990 — Nicaragua. CIA led invasion of the country of the rebels and the laying of mines. After the fall of the dictatorship of Somoza and the Sandinistas came to power in 1978, the United States, it became clear that Latin America may see "another Cuba." President Carter resorted to sabotage the revolution in diplomatic and economic form. His successor, Reagan made a bid for power. At that time, Nicaragua was poor among the poorest countries on the planet, there were only five lifts and a single escalator, and he was not working. But Reagan declared that Nicaragua is a terrible danger, and while he played with his speech on television showed a map of the United States, which was filled with red paint, as if posing a danger going from Nicaragua. For 8 years the people of Nicaragua has been attacked Contras, the U.S. created from the remnants of Somoza guards and other supporters of the dictator. They had been rolled-out war against all progressive social and economic programs of the government. Reagan's "freedom fighters" were burned schools and clinics, were engaged in violence and torture, bombings and shootings of innocent people, which led to the defeat of the revolution. In 1990, elections were held in Nicaragua, during which America spent $ 9 million to support pro-American party (National Opposition Union) and by blackmailing people that, they say, if the party wins power, the raids funded from the U.S. Contra stop and instead the country will be provided massive assistance. Indeed, the Sandinistas lost. During the 10 years of "freedom and democracy" no help in Nicaragua has not arrived, but the economy was destroyed, there was the impoverishment of the country, spread rampant illiteracy, and social services that were before the arrival of the best pro-American forces in Central America have been destroyed.

1982 — Government of the Republic of South Africa Suriname starts conducting socialist reform and invites Cuban advisers. U.S. intelligence agencies supported the democratic and workers' organizations. In 1984, pro-socialist government resigns as a result of well-organized civil unrest.

1982 — 1983 — 800 terrorist attack against U.S. Marines in Lebanon. Again, many victims.

1982 — Guatemala. America is helping to come to power, General Efrain Rios Montt. After 17 months in office, he destroyed 400 Indian villages.

1983 — The military intervention in Grenada, about 2 thousand marines. Ruined hundreds of lives. In Grenada was a revolution, which resulted in groups to power left orientation. The new government of this small island country was trying to carry out economic reforms by Cuba and the Soviet Union. It scared the United States, it is feared the "export" of the Cuban revolution. Despite the fact that the leader of the Marxist Grenada Maurice Bishop was killed by fellow party members, the United States decided to invade Grenada. A formal verdict on the use of military force has been imposed by the Organization of Eastern Caribbean Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, and the reason for the start of the military operation was the seizure of hostages in the American students. U.S. President Ronald Reagan said that "preparing the Cuban-Soviet occupation of Grenada" and that in Grenada are storehouses of weapons that can be used by international terrorists. After the capture of the island of the U.S. Marine Corps (1983) found that students are not held hostage, and warehouses were filled with old Soviet weapons. Before the invasion, the U.S. announced that the island is 1.2 thousand Cuban commandos. After it became clear that the Cubans were not more than 200, a third of whom were civilian specialists. The members of the revolutionary government were arrested and handed over to the U.S. military cronies USA. The Court appointed the new authorities of Grenada, sentenced them to prison terms. UN Assembly majority condemned such actions. President Reagan (Reagan) respectfully commented on the news: "It's not even disturbed my breakfast."

1983 — destabilizing activities in Angola: support for armed anti-government forces, terrorist attacks and sabotage in enterprises

1984 — Americans shot down two Iranian aircraft.

1984 — America continues to fund anti-government rebels in Nicaragua. When Congress officially prohibited to transfer money to terrorists, the CIA simply classify funding. In addition to money, "contras" were prepared and more effective aid: Nicaraguans caught the Americans, three bay leaf-mining, that is, leading a typical terrorist activities. The case was discussed at the International Court of Justice, America was sentenced to pay 18 billion dollars, but she did not pay attention to it.

1985 — Chad. The government, led by President Habre, supported by the Americans and the French. This repressive regime has used the most terrible torture, burning people alive, and other techniques of intimidation of the population: electric shocks, the insertion of the exhaust pipe of the vehicle the man in the mouth, the contents of a cell with rotting corpses and famine. Documented the destruction of hundreds of farmers in the south. Education and funding regime — at the expense of Americans.

1985 — Honduras. U.S. to send in experts on torture and military advisers to the Nicaraguan Contras, renowned for their brutality and sophisticated torture. Cooperation with the influential American drug traffickers. As compensation, the Honduran government receives $ 231 million

1986 — The attack on Libya. The bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi. Many victims. The occasion was a terrorist attack, organized by the Libyan secret service agents in a disco in West Berlin, popular among U.S. servicemen. In May 1986, during the exercise of the U.S. fleet were sunk by two warships Libya, another was damaged. Asked by reporters whether the war began, a spokesman for the White House Larry Speakes said that was held "peaceful sea maneuvers in international waters." Further comment was not followed.

1986 — 1987 — "Tanker War" between Iraq and Iran — an attack aircraft and naval forces of the warring sides in the oil fields and tankers. U.S. created an international force to protect communications in the Persian Gulf. This was the beginning of the constant presence of the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf. Unprovoked U.S. attack on Iranian ship in international waters, the destruction of Iranian oil platforms ..

1986 — Columbia. U.S. support for pro-American regime — "anti-drug" Colombia is transmitted mass of military equipment after the Colombian government has shown his loyalty to the U.S.: "social cleansing", ie the destruction of the trade union leaders and members any more or less significant movements and organizations, farmers and politicians objectionable, it is "clear" the country from the anti-American and anti-government elements. Actively used brutal torture, for example, from 1986 to 1988. Center of Workers lost 230 people, almost all were found tortured to death. In the six months of "cleaning" (1988) killed more than 3,000 people, then America declared that "Colombia has a democratic form of government and does not violate a significant degree of internationally recognized human rights." From 1988 to 1992, for political reasons, was killed around 9,500 people (including 1,000 members of the only independent political party "Patriotic Union"), are not included in the figure of 313 dead peasants 830 political activists were reported missing. By 1994, the number of people killed for political reasons, has already grown to 20,000. Absolutely no longer linked to the mythical "war on drugs" has the following incidents. In 2001, the respected tribe of Indians tried peaceful protest nedopustit oil on its territory by the American firm Occidental Petroleum. The firm, of course, they did not ask permission, just fill government forces on civilians. Result in the Valle del Cauca region, was attacked two villages respected, killing 18 people, 9 of them — children. A similar incident occurred in 1998 in Santa Domingo. If you try to overlap the road had been shot three children, dozens of people were injured. 25% of Colombian soldiers busy protecting foreign oil companies.

1986 — 2000 — riots in Haiti. For 30 years, the U.S. backed dictatorship of the Duvalier family here as it is not acted against reform-minded priest Aristide. Meanwhile, the CIA undercover work led to the "death squads" and drug traffickers. White House pretending to support the return of Aristide to power after his overthrow in 1991, after more than two years of delays the U.S. military re-established his rule. But only after the firm guarantees that it will not help the poor by the rich and will follow in line with "free market economy".

1987 — 1988 — United States help Iraq in its war against Iran not only with weapons, but the bombing. In addition, the United States and Britain provide Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, including a deadly gas that has been poisoned 6,000 civilians in the Kurdish village of Halabja. It is this case Bush cited the pre-war rhetoric to justify U.S. aggression in 2003. The fact that chemical weapons were provided by America, who wanted to change any anti-American regime in Iran, of course, he "forgot" to mention.

1988 — Turkey. Military support the country during mass repression against disgruntled pro-American government. The widespread use of torture, including torture of children, thousands of victims. For such ryanost Turkey comes in third place in the amount of financial aid dollars. 80% of Turkish weapons purchased in the United States, the country the U.S. military base. Equally beneficial cooperation allows the Turkish government to commit any of the crimes without fear that the "international community" will take counter-measures. For example, in 1995, launched a campaign against the Kurdish minority: 3,500 villages were destroyed, 3 million people kicked out of the house, tens of thousands were killed. Neither the 'international community', much less the United States had not bothered by this fact.

1988 — The CIA arranges bombing of "Pan Am" over Scotland, hundreds of Americans were killed. This incident was attributed to Arab terrorists. It turned out that these fuses are made in America and are sold exclusively CIA, not Libya. However, the United States was pressing so many years of economic sanctions on Libya (implementing an unobtrusive bombing of cities from time to time) that she decided to "recognize" his guilt in 2003.

1988 — Invasion of U.S. troops to Honduras to defend a terrorist movement "contras", which for many years attacked from there to Nicaragua. Troops from leaving Honduras today.

1988 — USS "Vincennes", who was in the Persian Gulf, Iranian missile shot down the plane with 290 passengers on board, including 57 children.

The plane just took off and was not even in the international space, and over Iranian territorial waters. When the ship "Vincennes" returned to base in California, a huge cheering crowd greeted him with banners and balloons, the Navy brass band played marches on the waterfront, and from the ship out of the speakers included at full capacity, swept bravura music. Standing on the roads warships saluted heroes artillery volleys. " S. Kara-Murza writes about the content of articles in U.S. newspapers devoted downed Iranian airplane: "You read these articles, and head spin. The plane was shot down out of good intentions, and the passengers "did not die in vain," because Iran might change his mind a little bit … "Instead of an apology Bush said:" I will never apologize for the United States. I do not care about the facts. " Captain of the cruiser "Vincennes" was awarded a medal for bravery. Later, the U.S. government has fully recognized the fault occurred in the inhuman act. However, to date the U.S. has not fulfilled its obligations for compensation for moral and material damages to relatives of victims as a result of this unprecedented act. In addition, this year the U.S. bombed Iran's oil refineries.

1989 — armed intervention in Panama, capture Noriega president (until now this 78-year-old man held in prison). Killed thousands of Panamanians in the official documents of their number was reduced to 560. The UN Security Council almost unanimously opposed the occupation. The United States vetoed a Security Council resolution, and began planning for its future, "rescue operations". The disappearance of the Soviet counterweight against all expectations, that this situation will save the U.S. from having to show militancy, has led to the fact that "for the first time in many years, the United States could resort to force without worrying about the reaction of Russian" — as he said after the invasion of Panama is one of the representatives of the U.S. State Department. It turned out that the proposed after the Cold War by the Bush administration draft budgetary funds for the Pentagon — already without excuse "Russian go" — was even bigger than before.

1989 — The Americans shot down two Libyan aircraft.

1989 — Romania. The CIA is involved in the overthrow and murder of Ceausescu. At first, America treated him very kindly, because he looked like a real dissenter in the socialist camp: not supported entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan and boycott of the Olympics in 1984 in Los Angeles, insisted on the simultaneous dissolution of NATO and the Warsaw Pact. But by the end of the 80's, it became clear that he did not go the way of traitors to socialism, like Gorbachev. Moreover, to interfere more and more high-profile revelations of opportunism and betrayal of communism, unheard of Bucharest. And in Langley decided: Ceausescu to remove (of course, then it could not be done without the consent of Moscow …). The operation was entrusted to the head of the Department of Eastern European CIA Milton Borden. He now recognizes that action to overthrow the socialist regime and the elimination of Ceausescu sanctioned by the U.S. government. First treated with world opinion. Through the agents in the Western media were running negative information about the dictator and an interview with Romanian dissidents who had fled abroad. The leitmotif of these publications was: Ceausescu torturing people to plunder public money, does not develop the economy. Information in the West was a great success. In parallel, the "public relations" the most likely successor Ceausescu, who was elected to the role of Ion Iliescu. This nomination eventually arranged for both Washington and Moscow. And after already "clean" from socialism Hungary Romanian opposition quietly supplied weapons. And finally, at the same time in several world TV channels was the story about the murders secret agents Romanian secret services "Securitate" civilians in the city of Timisoara, the "capital" of Romanian Hungarians. Tsereushniki now recognized that this was a brilliant assembly. All the victims actually died a natural death, and the corpses were specially brought to the location site of the local morgue, the benefit was not hard to bribe the nurses. 15 years ago, the execution of former Secretary General of the Romanian Communist Party and his wife Elena was presented as an expression of the will of the people, who overthrew the hated communist regime. It has now become clear that it was another CIA operation, covered by a fig leaf of "struggle against totalitarianism."

1989 — Philippines. Government to fight against the coup provided air support.

1989 — American troops suppress the unrest in the Virgin Islands.

1990 — US-backed military assistance to the Government of Guatemala "in the fight against communism." In practice, this is reflected in the massacre, by 1998, victims of the clashes were 200,000 people, only 1% of civilians killed is the "merit" of anti-government rebels. Destroyed more than 440 villages, tens of thousands of people have fled to Mexico, more than a million refugees in the country. In the rapid spread of poverty (1990 — 75% of the population), tens of thousands are dying of hunger, open "farm" for growing children, who were then dismantled by authorities for the rich American and Israeli clients. American coffee plantations on people live and work in a concentration camp.

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