A full list of U.S. war crimes Part 5

1990 — support for the military coup in Haiti. Popular and legitimately elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide was dropped, but people began to actively demand it back. Then the Americans launched a disinformation company that he is mentally ill. Delivered by Anvil America, General Prosper was forced to flee to Florida in 1990, where he now lives in luxury on the stolen money.

1990 — begins naval blockade of Iraq.

1991 — large-scale military action against Iraq, involved 450 thousand soldiers and many thousands of pieces of modern art. Killed at least 150 thousand civilians. The deliberate bombing of civilian facilities in order to intimidate a population of Iraq. For the first invasion of Iraq, America has used the following excuses:

Approval of the U.S. Government — True

Iraq invaded Kuwait an independent state — Kuwait was for centuries part of Iraq, and the only British imperialists tore his power in the 20-ies. The 20th century, following the policy of "divide and rule". No country in the region has not recognized this office.

Hussein produces nuclear weapons and is going to use it against America — Plans for the production of nuclear weapons is in its infancy, under this pretext can bomb most of the world. His intention to attack America, of course, was pure invention.

Iraq does not want to start peace talks and withdraw troops — When America attacked Iraq, peace negotiations were already under way, and the Iraqi army was leaving Kuwait.

The atrocities committed by Iraqi forces in Kuwait — The worst atrocities such as killing babies were invented by American propaganda

The use of weapons of mass destruction by the Iraqi Army — America itself has provided the weapons Hussein

Iraq was going to attack Saudi Arabia — The evidence so far is not

In Iraq, there is no democracy — Americans themselves have led to Hussein's government

1991 — Kuwait. Get and Kuwait, which the Americans "liberated": camp was bombed, troops were brought.

1992 — 1994 — occupation of Somalia. Armed violence against civilians, killing civilians. In 1991 he was deposed by President Mohammad Siad Barre of Somalia. Since then the country is actually divided into clan territory. The central government does not control the entire country. U.S. officials have called Somalia "the ideal place for terrorists." However, some leaders of clans, such as the late Mohammed Farah Aidid cooperated with UN peacekeepers in 1992. But not for long. A year later, he was to fight them. The leaders of the Somali clans have their own small but very mobile and well-armed army. But the Americans with these armies did not fight, they limited the extermination of the civilian population (which is like on evil, armed, and therefore beginning to resist.) The Yankees lost two combat helicopters, several armored "Humvees," 18 people were killed and 73 wounded (special forces team "Delta" and the pilots "turntables"), destroyed several city blocks, killing, according to various estimates, from one to ten thousand people (including women and children). In 1994, the U.S. almost 30 thousand soldiers of the U.S. Army after two years of unsuccessful attempts to "restore order" in the country were forced to evacuate. Aidid and since then have not taken (killed in 1995), and diplomatic relations between Somalia and the United States is not so far (2005). The Americans made a movie Black Hawk down, where they presented themselves heroic liberators of Somalis who are fighting the terrorists in this matter ended. After the destruction of thousands of civilians by American thugs Somalis have shown their "gratitude" for the "help" of Uncle Sam — they dragged one killed the occupant through the streets of the city. The effect was achieved stunning: after showing these shots on American television in the United States started a ruckus (say, why do we help them, if they are the barbarians?) That the troops had to evacuate under public pressure. We make appropriate conclusions.

1992 — Angola. Hoping to get rich in oil and diamonds, America finances its presidential candidate Jonas Savimbi. He loses. Before and after these elections, the United States provides military assistance to deal with the legitimate government. The conflict has killed 650,000 people. The official cause of supporting the rebels — the fight against the communist government. In 2002, America still had the desired benefits for their firms, and Savimbi has become a burden. U.S. demanded that he stop the fighting, but he refused. As one American diplomat in this regard: "The problem with the dolls is that they are not always twitching, if you pull the thread." On a tip from U.S. intelligence "doll" was found and destroyed by the government of Angola.

1992 — Iraq falls pro-American coup, which was to replace Hussein, a U.S. citizen Sa'd Salih Jabr.

1993 — Americans helped Yeltsin to shooting several hundred people in the assault of the Supreme Council. Persistently go unconfirmed rumors about the American snipers, who helped in the fight against the "red-fascist coup." In addition, the Americans have taken care of Yeltsin's victory in the next election, although in a few months to have it maintained only 6% of Russians.

1993 — 1995 — Bosnia. Patrols during the civil war zones, no-fly; downed aircraft, bombing the Serbs.

1994 — 1996 — Iraq. Attempt to reset by Hussein to destabilize the country. Not for a day did not stop the bombing, people were dying of starvation and disease because of the sanctions, were held constant bombings in public places, with the Americans used the terrorist organization, the Iraqi National Congress (INA). It came even before the clashes with the forces of Hussein, as Americans have promised to support the National Congress from the air. However, military aid has not come yet. Terrorist attacks have been directed against civilians, the Americans were hoping thereby cause people's anger to Hussein's regime, which allows all of this. But the regime admitted it did not last long, and by 1996 the majority of the INA was destroyed. In the new Iraqi government INA is also not allowed.

1994 — 1996 — Haiti. The blockade directed against the military government; troops restore President Aristide to office 3 years after the coup.

1994 — Rwanda. The story is dark, much remains to be seen, but now we can say the following. Under the leadership of Jonas Savimbi, a CIA agent in the country was cut about 800 thousand people. And initially reported three million, but over the years the number decreases in proportion to the number of mythical Stalinist repression. We are talking about ethnic cleansing — the destruction of the Hutu people. Armed to the teeth with a contingent of the United Nations, who was in the country, did nothing. As far as all this mixed up America, what goals it pursued, is unclear. It is known that the army of Rwanda, which is mainly engaged in cutting the civilian population, there is money to the U.S. and trained by U.S. instructors. It is known that the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, in which there were mass killings, received military training in the United States. As a result, Kagame has established excellent relations not only with the U.S. military, but also with American intelligence. However, no apparent benefit Americans from genocide have not received. Maybe the love of art?

1994 — Start of the Chechen wars. Already in 1995 there were reports that some militants were trained thugs Dudayev in CIA training camps in Pakistan and Turkey. Undermining stability in the Middle East, the U.S. is known to have announced the oil wealth of the Caspian zone of its vital interests. They, through intermediaries in this area helped to nurture the idea of separation of the North Caucasus from Russia. People close to them with big bags of money incite gang Basayev "jihad" or holy war in Dagestan and other areas where there are quite normal and peaceful Muslims. In addition, in the U.S., according to data presented at the Internet site "Federal Agency of Investigation," 16 are based Chechen and pro-Chechen organizations. And here's a quote from the letter sent by the Danish authorities gentlemen Zbigniew Brzezinski (one of the key figures of the Cold War, the absolute russophobe), Alexander M. Haig (former U.S. Secretary of State) and Max M. Kampelmanom (former U.S. Ambassador to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe ). They suggested that the Government of Denmark to refrain from issuing Russian Zakayev. The letter stated in particular: "… We know Mr. Zakayev, and we had to work with him … Issuance of Mr. Zakayev would seriously undermine the decisive attempt to stop the war." And look how many devils were trained in America Khattab bin Laden, "American" Chitigov and many others. They learned there are not drawing. Famous scandal with the British organization "Helo-Trust." Theoretically "Helo-Trust", established in the UK in the late 80s as a charitable non-profit organization, has been providing assistance for demining of areas affected by the armed conflict. In practice, on the testimony of detainees Chechen rebels, which they gave to the FSB, the instructors of this very "Helo" since 1997, has trained more than a hundred specialists mine blasting operations. It is known that the funding "Helo-Trust" carry the UK Department for International Development, the U.S. State Department, the European Union, the governments of Germany, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Finland, as well as private individuals. Moreover, the Russian counter-intelligence agencies found that employees "Helo-Trust" actively engaged in Chechnya gathering intelligence on socio-political, economic and military issues. As you know, the American GPS system used by our military for lack of financing their own similar projects. So, the signal during the war in Chechnya was intentionally roughened, which prevented the Russian military to destroy the rebel leaders in using the system. Known in the same case when the aforementioned Brzezinski publicly stated in the media that the Russian is about to use chemical weapons against Chechen civilians. At the same time our military intercepted negotiations Chechen rebels got hold large stocks of chlorine and are prepared to use them against their own civilians to attribute the crime Russian. The connection here — nowhere more clearly. By the way, Brzezinski came up to draw the Soviet Union into Afghanistan, that he sponsored bin Laden, that he became famous statements that Orthodoxy — the main enemy of America, and Russia — plus countries. So every time the Chechens take hostages of our children or undermine the train, there is no doubt who is behind it all.

1995 — Mexico. The U.S. government is sponsoring a campaign against Zapatistas. Under the pretext of the "war on drugs" is a fight for territory, which are attractive to American companies. For the destruction of the local people used helicopters with machine guns, rockets and bombs. CIA-trained gang cut the population and widespread torture. It all started this way. A few days before the new 1994 some native communities, Mexican authorities have warned that in the early days of the contract NAFTA, they will raise a rebellion. The authorities did not believe them. New Year's Eve hundreds of Indians in black masks with old rifles and occupied the capital of Chiapas, immediately seized the telegraph and introduced to the world as the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN). Their military leader, who spoke to the press, there was a certain Subcomandante Marcos. The next day the army attacked the country's largest city of the state and conducted combat operations for 17 days. B first days of the war, Indians across the country took to the streets and demanded to leave the rebellious state alone. In support of the Indians were also the largest public organization in the world. And the government announced the cessation of hostilities and the desire to negotiate with the rebels. All past tense negotiations that took place, then again interrupted, and the Indians rebelled and remained masters of the capital Chyanasa, a few large cities and some of the other land in the neighboring states. Their main demand — giving the Indians a legitimate wide regional autonomy. Zapatista communities are not only in Chiapas but in four neighboring states. But in general, the Zapatistas — a minority of Mexican Indians. Most — or under the authority of the supporters of the former ruling party, or a new, in power for two years.

1995 — Croatia. The bombing airfields Serbian Krajina before the onset of the Croats.

1996 — July 17, 1996 TWA Flight 800 exploded in the night sky near the Long Island and fell into the Atlantic Ocean — all 230 people on board were killed. There is strong evidence that Boeing was shot down by a U.S. missile. The motivation of this attack has not been established, among the main versions — a mistake during training and the elimination of unwanted persons on board the aircraft.

1996 — Rwanda. 6,000 civilians killed by government troops who are trained and financed by America and South Africa. In the Western media, this event was ignored.

1996 — Congo. U.S. Department of Defense secretly participated in the wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). By Washington's covert operations in the DRC were also involved U.S. companies, one of which is associated with the former U.S. President George HW Bush. Their role is due to economic interests in the mining sector in the DRC. U.S. Special Forces trained militias warring parties in the DRC. To preserve confidentiality, used private military recruiters. Washington has helped Rwandans and Congolese dictator Mobutu rebels lose. Then the Americans supported the rebels who launched a war against the now late DRC President Laurent-Desire Kabila, as "by 1998, the Kabila regime began to plague the interests of American mining companies." When Kabila won the support of other African countries, the United States changed their tactics. American special agents have started to train as opponents of Kabila — Rwandans, Ugandans and Burundians and supporters — Zimbabweans and Namibians.

1997 — Americans have staged a series of bombings at Cuban hotels.

1998 — Sudan. The Americans destroyed a missile strike pharmaceutical factory, claiming that it produces nerve gas. Since this plant was producing 90% of the medicines of the country, and import them from abroad Americans, of course, forbidden, the result of a missile strike was the death of tens of thousands of people. They simply had nothing to cure.

1998 — 4 days of active bombing of Iraq after the inspectors report that Iraq was not cooperative.

1998 — Afghanistan. A blow to the former CIA training camps used by Islamic fundamentalist groups.

1999 — ignoring international law, circumventing the UN and the Security Council, the United States of NATO forces launched a campaign of 78-day aerial bombardment of the sovereign state of Yugoslavia. Aggression against Yugoslavia, which was conducted under the pretext of "preventing a humanitarian disaster", committed the largest humanitarian disaster in Europe since the Second World War. Over 32,000 sorties were used bombs weighing 21 tons, which is equivalent to four times the power of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the Americans. More than 2,000 people have been killed civilians, 6,000 injured and maimed, left homeless more than a million and 2 million — without any source of income. The bombing paralyzed production capacity and infrastructure of everyday life of Yugoslavia, leading to an increase in unemployment to 33% and rejecting 20% of the population below the poverty line, caused direct economic losses of 600 billion dollars. Suffered a disastrous and long-lasting damage to the ecological environment of Yugoslavia, as well as Europe as a whole. From the evidence gathered by the International Tribunal for the Investigation of American War Crimes in Yugoslavia, chaired by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, it is apparent that the CIA created, fully armed and funded by gangs of Albanian terrorists (the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA) in Yugoslavia . In order to finance the KLA militants CIA has established a well-organized criminal structure of drug trafficking in Europe. Before the start of the bombing of Serbia passed the Government of Yugoslavia NATO map objects not subject to the bombing, as it will cause an environmental disaster. Americans with the inherent cynicism of this nation began to bomb precisely those objects that were listed on the Serbian map. For example, they Pancevo oil refinery was bombed 6 times. As a result, released into the environment along with formed in large quantities toxic phosgene gas, of vinyl chloride monomers 1200, 3000 t of sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, 800 m, 2350 m of liquid ammonia and 8 volumes of mercury. All it took to land. The soil is poisoned. Ground water, especially in the city of Novi Sad, contain mercury. As a result of the NATO bombs began with the uranium core of the disease called "Gulf Syndrome", children are born freaks. Environmentalists West, especially Greenpeace, completely silent about atrocities of the U.S. military in Serbia.

2000 — a revolution in Belgrade. Americans finally overthrew the hated Milosevic.

2001 — the invasion of Afghanistan. A typical Americans: torture, prohibited weapons, mass destruction of civilians, the assurances of the imminent reconstruction of the country, the use of depleted uranium, and finally sucked from the finger "proof" of bin Laden's involvement in the terrorist attacks Sept. 11, 2001, which is based on the questionable videos from unscrupulous sound and completely different from bin Laden's man.

2001 — Americans are chasing all over Macedonia for the Albanian terrorists of the Kosovo Liberation Army, who have been trained and armed by the same Americans to fight the Serbs.

2002 — American troops introduced to the Philippines, as fear of popular unrest there.

2002 — 2004 — Venezuela. In 2002,. there was a pro-American coup, the opposition illegally shifted the popular president Hugo Chavez. The very next day popular uprising in support of the president, Chavez rescued from prison and returned to the post. Since the port there is a continuous struggle between the government and the American-backed opposition. The country is chaos and anarchy. Venezuela is rich in oil. In addition, it is no secret that Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, is the best friend of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. And Venezuela — one of the few countries that openly criticized U.S. foreign policy. For example, in April 2004, speaking at a rally to mark the anniversary of the military coup in the country, Chavez said that the government in Washington captured the imperialist government that in order to achieve its objectives is ready to kill women and children. This "arrogance" America will never forgive him whether the President Bush, Obama or anyone else.

2003 — "anti-terrorist operation" in the Philippines.

2003 — The outbreak of war in Iraq.

2003 — Liberia.

2003 — Syria. As it usually happens in a fit of passion begins to destroy the United States is not only the country of the victim (in this case, Iraq), but also around the country. That knew. The Pentagon announced on June 24 that could have destroyed Saddam Hussein or his eldest son Uday. According to a senior U.S. military, unmanned Predator aircraft struck the convoy suspicious. As it turned out, chasing leaders of the former Iraqi regime, the U.S. military operating in Syria. The U.S. military command has acknowledged the clashes with the Syrian border guards. On the ground were thrown paratroopers. From the air, landing special forces closed down planes and helicopters.

2003 — Coup in Georgia. Direct assistance to the Georgian opposition has provided the U.S. ambassador in Tbilisi, Richard Miles, that is, it was done with the approval of the White House. By the way, for a long time its fame Miles gravedigger modes: he was ambassador to Azerbaijan, came to power Heydar Aliyev, in Yugoslavia during the bombing on the eve of the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic in Bulgaria, when parliamentary elections were won by the heir to the throne, Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha, who headed the government in the end. In addition to political support, the Americans had for the opposition and financial assistance. For example, the Soros Foundation has allocated $ 500,000 of the radical opposition organization "Brooklands" ("Enough"). He funded a popular opposition television station, which has played a key role in support of the "Velvet Revolution" and, they say, has provided financial support to youth organizations led by the street protests. " In addition, according to the Globe and Mail, it was on the money Soros organizations in Tbilisi on special buses from different cities were brought opposition, and middle of the square in front of parliament was a huge screen in front of which were going to the opponents of Shevardnadze. According to the paper, before the overthrow of Shevardnadze in Tbilisi specifically studied methods of organizing mass protests in Yugoslavia, which led to the resignation of Milosevic. According to Globe and Mail, the most likely candidate for the next president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, received a law degree from New York, personally supports warm relations with Soros. Chechen rebels, adopted at the service of the Georgian army, was obtained from the Soros addition to the salary.

2004 — Haiti. Anti-government protests continued in Haiti in a few weeks. The rebels occupied the major cities of Haiti. President Jean-Bertrand Aristide fled. Storming of the capital, Port-au-Prince, has been postponed at the request of the United States rebels. America invades.

2004 — The attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea, where oil reserves are solid. The British intelligence service MI6, the CIA and the Spanish secret service tried to hold the country 70 mercenaries who were to overthrow the regime of President Theodore Nguema Mbasogo Obisango with the support of local traitors. The mercenaries were detained, and their leader, Mark Thatcher (incidentally, the son of the very Margaret Thatcher!) Took refuge in the United States.

2004 — Pro-American revolution in Ukraine.

2008 — August 8. The war in South Ossetia. U.S. financed and trained Georgia's aggression on the Republic of South Ossetia. On the side of the Georgian aggressors fought U.S. military personnel.

2011 — Bombing of Libya.

2012 — Syria's support of terrorists …

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