A new class of exoplanets

A new class of exoplanets Facts

Planet, covered with a layer of water vapor and having a dense atmosphere, scientists identified in a separate class of exoplanets. Weight open in 2009, the planet GJ 1214b, which is attributed to this class, seven times the weight of the Earth's diameter is 2.7 times greater.

Artist view on dwarf stars, around which a GJ 1214b.

Discovered planet orbits the red dwarf star that is half the size of the sun. The surface temperature of the star is less than 4 thousand K, about 2000 K lower than the temperature of the sun. GJ 1214b is 2.1 million miles from its star, while the distance from Earth to the Sun is 149,600,000 km.

The temperature of the planet's 232 ° C. Its atmosphere is mostly made up of water vapor, which was discovered during observations of the passage of GJ 1214b amid its red dwarf. Presumably, the atmospheric density is 2 g / cm ³ (a planet of 5.5 g / cm ³). These figures suggest that the planet is much more water than Earth, but much less mountains. In view of high temperature and pressure on GJ 1214b possible presence of unusual substances in the form of "hot ice" or "superfluid water."

GJ 1214b movement in front of his dwarf star will provide scientists a wealth of information.

Could look like GJ 1214b in its orbit.

GJ 1214b is 40 light years from Earth in the future will allow a more detailed study of this cosmic phenomenon.

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