A partial list of taxes that Americans are forced to pay.

The federal income tax

State income tax

The local income tax

Income tax receivables

Tax on vehicle registration

Tax on the construction

Undistributed profit tax

The fee for a driver's license

The tax on cigarettes

Income tax for the right to do business

Income tax for the right to keep a dog

Estate tax

The federal unemployment tax

License to fish

Hunting license

Licensed to work in catering

Tax on diesel and aviation fuel

The gas tax

Tax receipt heritage

Tax on inventory

The percentage allocation to the tax office (tax on tax)

The tax on alcohol

Luxury tax

Tax on marriage license

Medical tax

Tax for parking

Property tax

Property tax

Pollution tax

Service Tax

Insurance tax

Road tax

Tax on land

Payroll tax

Tax for being in resort areas

Tax on imported goods (tariff)

Children's tax

Sales tax

Tax vans

Tax checkpoints

The school tax

The contribution to the unemployment insurance fund

The federal excise tax on phone

The federal excise tax on phone service

Additional federal federal and state tax on phone

Additional tax on the use of minimum number

Tax on bridges

Tax tunnels

Tax on road traffic

Tax on the sale of the vehicle

Tax floater



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