A rare tornado force marched to the islands in Indonesia

A rare tornado force marched to the islands in Indonesia Natural Disasters

Powerful tornado erupted on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and the southern part of the northern part of Sumatra February 24, 2012. As a result, killing five people, destroyed many houses in Watty Sidenreng Rappange Sulawesi and West Sumatra Pakpake.

In Sidrape tornado raged for more than 15 minutes, destroying 59 private houses, 47 of which was razed to the ground. More than 215 villagers were evacuated. In the district towns and Salak Simpakrob West Pakpaka was destroyed about 40 homes. February 26 representative of the National Disaster Management announced four victims in Sidrape and one — in the West Pakpake.

In Indonesia, the wet tropical climate. For month storms were observed on several occasions. Local residents prepared for such events, but most tornadoes are weak and do without victims. And while powerful storms that generate hurricanes, characteristic of Indonesia, as for any country of the world, strong tornadoes were a big surprise to the people of Indonesian islands.

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