A resident of Bashkiria, Russia tried to sell on eBay


A resident of Bashkiria put Russia on the online auction eBay. The initial cost was 1 cent, or 31 kopecks, says RBC daily.

Countries have expressed a desire to buy 26. Price increased to nearly 3 million rubles.

However, the ad was removed by the site administrator.

As the description of the "seller" noted that "the country was used for a thousand years and is in good condition." It also provides information about the area and population. It was noted that there may be problems with the delivery. Exchange the item for something else or take back after buying a resident of Bashkiria refused. As the location of the seller was listed Belebei city in Bashkortostan.

This is not the first attempt to sell the country on the online auction site. In 2007, eBay offers to purchase separately and Belgium — Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme. Also, in the years to auction exhibited Iceland and Greece. In all cases, the auction was canceled.

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