A tornado is coming up

September 12, 2013. Tornadoes, moving up the slopes, causing more damage than a tornado on the plains. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Arkansas (USA) studied the detailed photos of the devastating 2011 tornado in Tuscaloosa (Alabama) and Joplin (Missouri).

The scientists compared the pictures together and find common features. It turned out that in moving up the slopes of tornadoes bring far greater destruction, rather than moving downstream. If the vortex is on a hilly terrain, it is taken up, creating a fracture there, but leaving untouched plains.

New data contradict previous studies. According to expert Dr. Greg Forbes, the data of the University of Arkansas can not be considered universal. Each tornado may behave differently in unpredictable ways, it does not matter it was produced on flat or hilly terrain. As evidence, Dr. Forbes cites numerous previous studies, as well as their own observations.

Source: News Gismeteo

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