Abydos hieroglyphs. Helicopters of the ancient Egyptians


Abydos has long been considered the main city of the cult of Osiris. The Egyptians believed that it was there was the tomb of Osiris — one of the most revered gods of ancient Egypt. However, the central attraction of the city is considered to be the temple of Seti I (c. 1291-1279 years. BCE), the son of Ramses I.

However, the beauty of beauty, but the attention of many researchers, and first of all Egyptologists, has attracted not a temple, and something else — hidden in the back of the room very tatty-looking characters. The fact that one of the beams temple scientists in the XIX century. discovered strange inscriptions to decipher that they did not succeed. And with the advent of the new century, Egyptologists have a different look at the mysterious hieroglyphics. And then he gasped. On the ancient stones were broken image … modern combat equipment: helicopters, planes and tanks! None other than the ancient Egyptians possessed a technology XXI century!

Abydos hieroglyphs


Sensational pictures of Abydos hieroglyphs were laid out in the International Internet consultant Ruth Hover UFO Network in 1997. However, Hover once said that photography characters were very problematic, as the stone carved with symbols on it was at an altitude of about 8 meters, and she lost all the negatives and prove the authenticity of the photos can. All this, of course, caused a storm of criticism, that is, it is a healthy reaction to these sensations, by the skeptics. Began to talk about a fake …

Save a fellow ufologist decided writer Alan F.Elford, author of "The Gods of the new millennium." In June 1997, he and his wife visited the temple of Seti I and took a picture of his own characters. Could be no doubt: the combination of blades, tail, cockpit — helicopter; caterpillar gun turret — tank, tail empennage, streamlined body — a plane or even a submarine (opinion is divided).


The helicopter, a tank, a submarine of the ancient Egyptians


Conclusion — the ancient Egyptians were flying by helicopter and drove their tanks! Here's a sensation … That would be surprised at the ancient inhabitants of Egypt, though, of course, learned that possess such technology. Immediately recalled and aliens and UFOs, and highly developed civilization. In short, a complete set. Abydos hieroglyphs were perhaps the most tangible "proof" of the theory paleocontacts — hypothesis visit Earth in ancient times by intelligent beings of extraterrestrial origin.

However, Egyptologists, such as, for example, Katherine Griffis Greenberg of the University of Birmingham in Alabama, called, what we take to be a helicopter, a tank and a submarine (the plane), palimsestom — in the broad sense of the parchment from which writing has been removed for to use it again. And explain why this is so, and not otherwise.

The fact that the son of Pharaoh Seti I, Ramses II slightly "corrected" the text of the inscriptions in the temple (quite a common practice for those times, nothing special) and over the royal title of his father ("who reflected the nine enemies of Egypt") wrote his own name and the title of ("Who protects Egypt and conquer foreign lands").

But why, then, are so suspicious characters were similar to images of modern military equipment?

It is human nature to wishful thinking. Plaster, which was used for smearing previously carved on the stone beam Network characters I, eventually disappeared. As a result, today we are seeing just the imposition of some characters on the other. The diagram demonstrates how the images overlap.


Hieroglyphics Seti I


The hieroglyphs of Ramses II


Layering characters Seti I and Ramses II


And what about the "tail" and "keel"? "Airplane" — is not nothing but a … arm, bent at the elbow. With this character for Egyptologists have long known, and it means "to give", "giving", etc.


And here is the "plane"


To conclude our short story about the "high technology" of ancient Egypt, it is impossible not to recall another 'sensational image ", found in Egyptian mural (oh, those Egyptians!). Proponents of the theory paleocontacts here have managed to see the aliens from outer space.


"ET" on one of the Egyptian murals


Impressive, is not it? However, what we take to be a humanoid figure — no more than self-deception. The picture darkened slightly, but a closer look shows that the fresco depicts is not a stranger, but most ordinary vase.




Nor could it be in ancient Egypt, no aliens, aircraft, submarines and tanks, for the simple reason that no matter what that may be mention of a similar technique we will be met in the Egyptian texts. But Abydos hieroglyphs are unique, there is one single copy. That is why the story that "The scribes who copied the characters from the temple of the ancient sources, it is not understood their meaning," is a perfectly logical explanation. Puzzling characters were created by accident, by imposing some characters on the other. And how do you can imagine such a neighborhood: the Egyptians are building a pyramid by hand, are engaged in irrigation farming, but at the same time, fly planes and helicopters, along the way traveling to Egypt on a tank and a submarine floating on the Nile? A fuel, and wherein the metal took? Obviously, the same place where are these "sensations" alien hunters and forgotten civilizations of the past — from the finger.


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