According to official figures poorer Americans to the level of 1992

The state of the average American household in 2010 was 77.3 thousand dollars, which is the lowest level since 1992. It is stated in the report of the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances. For comparison, in 2007 the figure exceeded 126,000 dollars.

Fell including the income of the average family: thousands of dollars from 49.6 in 2007 to 45.8 thousand dollars in 2010. The Wall Street Journal writes that most of the effects of the financial crisis hurt the middle class, whose income in the three years fell by 12.1 percent. The state's wealthiest families has decreased by 1.4 percent, and the poor — by 7.7 percent. Indices are adjusted for inflation.

In response to falling income Americans began to buy less, but consumer spending remained at a fairly high level. According to The New York Times, such a discrepancy can be explained by the fact that the citizens of the United States continued to maintain a high level of expenditure payments on loans taken earlier. The percentage of households that do not have credit, decreased by 2.1 percent to 74.9 percent. Of households that spend more than 40 percent of revenue for the payment of loans also remained almost unchanged.

The Fed noted that for the first time in the history of the share of auto loans was lower than the proportion of loans taken for education that has grown over three years, from 15.2 to 19.2 percent.

From 2007 to 2010, the proportion of households not saving money, dropped from 56.4 to 52 per cent — the lowest level since 1992. The document's authors also found in a study that, as a reason why Americans save money, more and more advocates distrust of the state's economy.

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