Across America, the once great city turned into festering wounds.

Once upon a time the people of the United States built a beautiful glittering city from coast to coast the envy of the world. We had the largest and most prosperous middle class, which has not been anywhere else in the world, and life in America was very good. But now our prosperity with a bang collapsing, and our once great cities turn into open festering wounds. Unfortunately, we are drowning in debt, such that we can not even slow down the shocking extinction of our cities. In the last decade, thousands of manufacturing facilities and millions of good jobs have been moved outside the United States. As soon as the economic infrastructure is being destroyed before our eyes, many of the largest cities envelops a dense atmosphere of unemployment, poverty and despair. Today, many of our cities, once considered the greatest in the world, turned to the decaying post-apokaliticheskie cloaca. When you come to this city and peers into the sunken eyes of the residents, you almost start to feel like one sucked all the hope and all of life. For a while, many Americans still believed that the "right" policies will return them to "hope" and "change," but now millions of people oppressive hopelessness gives way to utter despair. Desperate people do desperate things, and the fading of our big cities, they are very dangerous places to live.

Even in some of the most "prosperous" cities there are areas that are very closely resemble the conditions of life in the Third World. For example, in San Francisco there is an area called Hunter's Point ("Hunter's Point") — an absolute nightmare. More than half of its population lives in poverty, and more than half of the children — without fathers. That's whatOne of the journalistsfound by visiting the Hunter's Point:

We Eberneyti way through complex dirt and concrete on the north-east building, where the green of the hill watching the series of apartment buildings. We stopped to look around at the uninhabited houses, windows and doors which have been boarded up. The stream of *****, urine, tampons and toilet paper emerged from a dark hole in the pavement, and flowed over the hill next to the street overflowed into the likeness ********* lagoon. In a small lagoon grew twenty centimeters tall weeds.
Fresh *****, of course, not palatable. In addition, it stinks and looks disgusting, fecal matter — refuge of dangerous bacteria, especially E. coli, pathogenic microbe which leads to the disease or even death, especially infants. In the so-called developing world, according to the World Health Organization, contaminated feces water — the main killer, which account for 1.8 million lives annually.

However, in general, San Francisco is in the best position,than the rest CA. Further south along the coast of Los Angeles continues to fall apart at the seams. In this city, in just the past three days made about40 arson. This is the highest number of arson since the 1992 riots.
Unfortunately, the economic conditions deteriorate, and we will see more arson attacks across the country.
There was a time when people from all over the country dreamed of moving to California. Today, however, millions of people seek to get out of the state in which a terrifying decline continues. If you can believe it, here's the numbers — the number of children living in poverty in the state of California from 2007 to 2010 increased by30 percent.
This is not the decline, it's a free fall.

And you can not say that there are many areas where life is much better. Across the country, our major cities turn into open festering sores and child poverty is growing exploding.
According to the National Center for poor children in Philadelphia children living in poverty36.4%40.1%All children in Atlanta live in poverty, too, in their Cleveland52.6%, and Detroit are mired in poverty53.6%all children.

By the way, since we're talking about Detroit, it seems incredible, what happened to the "Motor City" ….
* An analysis of census showed that48.5%all residents in the city of men aged 20 to 64 years old in 2008 were unemployed.
* If you can believe it: the average cost of a home in Detroit —only $ 6000.
* At the moment from high school in Detroit, finishing only25 percentschoolchildren.
Today, Detroit has become a very dangerous place to live. 100 bus drivers recently refused to travel on the line for fear of personal safety. The head of the drivers union, Henry Gaffney said that drivers'fear for their lives"….

"Our drivers are scared, they fear for their lives. This security situation has continued for a long time. I think yesterday's incident just the last straw when one of our drivers at Rosa Parks beat teenagers, and the police got there in thirty minutes, and it's in downtown Detroit, "- said Gaffney.
Currently, Detroit — a city that tore apart the thieves and vandals. The buildings are literally disassembled into pieces people who are looking for something that can be sold and stay afloat. The following information about this crisis is taken from a recent article in the newspaperDetroit News….
Detroit is a serious war for it to work in the city street lights. Thieves, outdated equipment and lack of funding does not allow the authorities to solve the problem.
City officials estimate that 15-20 percent of the 88,000 street lights do not work, and recognize that, in some areas, this number may be as high as 50 percent.

But the street lighting has become a major disaster, not only in Detroit. In the city of Highland Park, Michigan, the majority of street lightswere removed, because the city did not pay for electricity.
Across the country, the city plunged into darkness, and out of homes and businesses carry off appliances and equipment, as thieves are looking for something to be sold. As I wrote recently, one of my readers, In California, there are places that have become a hellhole because of the hordes of desperate people. ….

Here, in the California desert, was captured a lot of empty houses. Plumbing torn out and sold for scrap. In the yards of digging latrines and water stolen from neighboring pools and hoses. Although most of these people are just trying to find a roof over your head (which is held lowered), some well satisfied in these houses laboratories for the production of meta or raise them marijuana.
I can not imagine that one day there will come a day when our economy will collapse completely, and our society will drive thousands of people out of the cities. Many of them start looking for "opportunities".
No matter how sad it was to those who had not yet appeared among the losers, it's time to get ready to defend their property, family and yourself.
You can not rely on the police and government. We all saw what happened in New Orleans. Let your family will become a fighting unit.

In Fresno, Calif., theft of copper wires of street lighting has become a serious problem. At present, lighting repair lines and loss of copper wire cost the city $ 50,000 each month. Now about2,500 street lightsthere are no wires.
On the east coast there are cities that have lost so much industry that young people do not see themselves apart from other classes of drug trafficking or her body.

In an unusual article entitled "City of Ruins"Chris Hedges documented the nightmarish decline in the city of Camden, New Jersey. Today, the real unemployment rate in it is estimated at 30-40 percent. Most young people in Camden are very few legal ways to secure a better life. Below is an excerpt from the article:

The city has hundreds of markets around the drug trade in the open, most of them run by gang-type Bladz, Latin Kings, Los Nietos and MS-13. Groups of young men in black leather jackets and sweatshirts broad sell marijuana and crack to clients, many of whom come from the suburbs. Drug trafficking — one of the few thriving businesses in the city. Police said that the weapon is always there in a couple of meters, usually tucked away in a trash can, in the grass or on the terrace.

If your area has not yet become so disgusting, you should be grateful. But the reality is that these economic conditions are granted and soon will reach the place where you live.
In many cities, the disease becomes a huge issue. The combination of poverty and decline of morals established in many parts of the country a very frightening situation.
This is happening in some of our most prosperous cities. For example, the rate of HIV infection in Washington than in West Africa, saysDirector of the Agency for the Control of HIV and AIDS, the District of Columbia: …
"We have a higher level than in West Africa," — says Shannon Hader, director of the agency, which has led the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Zimbabwe. "We are on a par with Uganda and some parts of Kenya."
Next door in Canada came up with a very "unusual" ways to prevent the spread of disease. For example, in Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia handed out to drug addictsfree tube with crack, to reduce the spread of disease. But there is a limit — the man put no more than one free tube crack a day.

What is happening to this world?
But perhaps we should be grateful for the fact that we have a place to lay your head at night. In America today, more700,000 homeless, and this number has increased since 2007 by about20 percent.
After the nextmajor financial crisisthis number will grow even more.
The truth is that the economy is in a muchworse condition, than most people believe, and the poor in America are rapidlyeven more impoverished.
How many times said Gerald Chelente when the poor lose everything that you can lose, they tend to go out of control.
Desperate people do desperate things, and we are already seeing it across the country. For example, you can see how a man protects his home from four armed robbers,right here.

And what did our leaders do to fix this?
Unfortunately, they are very little.
Our federal government with the head sunk in debt. For the first three years of the Obama presidency U.S. government has gained as much debt as accumulated from the date of the inauguration of George Washington before the inauguration of President Bill Clinton.
Of course, if the Obama administration has ceased to blow your money away and start spending it on the country's recovery from this would be some benefit.
For example, did you know that the Obama administration has issued a loan of 529 million U.S. dollars of the company, so that she produced electric carsFinland?

Not surprisingly, the government's credibility is now at such a low level. A recent survey77%of all Americans believe that America is facing a crisis of leadership.
Our economy is dying, and the once great cities become fetid ulcers. This country is in such trouble that you can not find the words to properly describe it. 2012 will become a turning point in our country. If we now fail to awaken a sufficient number of Americans, the second possibility, we can not be. If you love America, please, take this year's more action than ever before.
Working together, we can change a lot.

COMMENTS (to an American original source):
We as people need to remember and learn from the past history of mankind. All great civilizations have disappeared from their mistakes and greed. We should also remember that WHAT HI, is the answer. So we have to get our governments to account for their crimes against the poor countries, by which we profited. Do not reject it, and better study and to wake up. This problem has come to us because of our ignorance, and not from a foreign country …

Carroll Price
After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 thought there anyone that within thirty years, the U.S. will suffer the same fate? I still remember the smug kurlykane and a pat on the back of the faithful Americans as they extolled the wonders of the free market and capitalism. Truism "what goes around comes around" applies both to individuals and to the country.

Dudik, if you want to move from California to a better place, in any case, Do not go to Arizona. I moved from San Francisco to Tuzon in 2007, and every day I regret it. If Obama or Republican shit these clowns will win in 2013, we "shine" lost decade of economic development. I think the U.S. can only compete to destroy a country where things are not so bad. I think therefore Argentine politics so sick and dying?

Lorili Collapse
Therefore, 1.5 million Americans bought guns in December alone. It is best to "Merry Christmas!" Sounds in the performance of semi-automatic weapons.

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— Source— «Formerly Great Cities All Over America Are Turning Into Open, Festering Sores», BlackListedNews, USA, January 2, 2012.
— Photo — Modern Detroit,taken from this photo collections.

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