Adding to the family of Tigers — a machine EW Tiger-M MKTK REI PP

The main purpose of "Tiger-M" MKTK REI PP — carrying signals intelligence, detection of radio sources, staging jamming and interference RES. Additional capabilities — making it difficult or imitation of the RES on the field testing of various weapons and equipment. All the abilities of the new complex are not advertised, and the developers claim that the mobile complex EW has zabugornyh counterparts. The military department of the Russian Federation has already planned acquisition of a small series of similar systems for electronic warfare troops manning.

Adding to the family of "Tigers" - a machine EW "Tiger-M" MKTK REI PP

Another confirmation of the universality of the Russian armored car "Tiger" — a machine-based electronic warfare armored car "Tiger-M" with the installed equipment "Leer-2" (REI MKTK PP). Armored "Tiger" began to develop in the early 90's, in trial operation first "Tigers" received in 2002 in the capital SWAT unit. In the batch creation of the "Tiger" comes in 2005. At this hour it is clear more than 20 projects and modifications of the car "Tiger" civilian and military purpose. Recent announced new products based on armored vehicles "Tiger" — a mobile anti-tank systems, filled ATGM "Kornet-EM" of the same title, and a set of mobile performance, "" Tiger "MK-BLA-01" control drones "Swallow" and "Dragonfly".

Adding to the family of "Tigers" - a machine EW "Tiger-M" MKTK REI PP

Not so long ago, Institute "Standard", a developer of equipment "Leer-2" — jamming, electronic warfare simulation and tekhkontrol "MKTK REI PP," suggested establish Russian armored car on its "Tiger-M". Brand new development "VPK" and the Institute "Standards" — "Tiger-M" MKTK REI PP, in which electronic warfare equipment naturally fit on the chassis "Tiger-M". Now this complex will be able to do their job on the front edge of a possible military conflict that will provide overcharge effectiveness of electronic warfare.

Russian military, namely the forces of the REB has long been awaiting emergency vehicles with electronic warfare equipment for light wheeled chassis. All delivered earlier machines EW were constructed on the basis of trucks or on the basis of the type of caterpillar transporters. These machines have a small shortcomings in maneuverability, great size and is now quite fundamentally, high consumption of fuel. New cars EW-based armored cars "Tiger-M" — highly mobile, compact and fairly secure machine EW last generation.

Armored Vehicle Tiger-M
VPK-233114 or the Tiger-M is a special means of transport and is known as the armored machine Army mission, designed to move personnel and cargo, installation tools and equipment for the upcoming use of towed and towing loads. For the first time armored car appeared in the public eye in 2009, when the military-industrial complex has released the first model of "Tiger-M". In 2010, the "Tiger-M" successfully pass state tests, after which immediately produced a trial batch for use in the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Since 2011, the series deliveries starting in army units. "Tiger-M" are the armies of Uruguay, Brazil and Russia.

Adding to the family of "Tigers" - a machine EW "Tiger-M" MKTK REI PP

The main configuration and assembly of Tiger-M:
— has a powerful multi-fuel type diesel engine JAMZ 5347-10, the rich and the cooling of the perineum turbocharged performance;
— established bridges with positive locking differentials;
— set advanced braking mechanisms;
— additional controlled brake, rich valve in the exhaust pipe;
— engine hood gets armor protection against small arms;
— lock type transom;
— established an improved system of door seals;
— kondyuk and installation of HLF-100A-24;
— improved heater preparatory run PKP-16;
— electronic winch;
— increment the number of transported personnel — 9 people.

The coming future
Now it is clear on the joint development of Russian companies the latest modifications of BA "Tiger" for the Army Special Forces.

Armoured vehicles 'Tiger' future looks bright — need to book the internal volume, the highest capacity, security and inflated flotation will use this machine as a base for a variety of weapons and equipment, both military and civilian purpose. This means that the "Tiger" will be constantly improved and modernized, and very soon we will see the latest developments, at least not inferior to global peers.

The main characteristics of armored vehicles, "TIGER — M":
— Weight — 7.8 tons;
— the required load — 1.2 tonnes;
— towing up to 2.5 tons of cargo;
— speed up to 125 km / h;

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