Africa has the snow

Africa has the heavy snow weather and climate

Severe winter snow and frost, recently fell on Europe, is not passed by the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. Eastern region of the Atlas Mountains in north-eastern Algeria and the north-west of Tunisia most affected by snow storms that have come from Europe. An unprecedented number of snow isolated several villages, forcing local officials to assist with air.

Massive Arctic cyclone in Mediterranean humidity caused especially heavy snowfalls. Unlike most of the countries of North Africa, which is dominated by the dry desert climate of the Sahara region of the Atlas Mountains of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco inherent moderate Mediterranean climate. If the snow usually falls on the upper slopes of the mountains, but this year they went down extremely low.

For February 17-19, part of Lebanon was covered with two feet of snow after a heavy snowfall, the speed of wind gusts that reached 100 kilometers per hour. Powerful waves flooded coastal road in the southern city of Sidon. Across the country, high winds uprooted trees and ruined crops. In coastal areas, temperatures fell to 0. Although Lebanon has several ski resorts, snow this year were extremely abundant.

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