After a long silence on the day of anger and spoke Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

After a long silence, "One Day" and spoke Mahmoud AhmadinejadIn Iran, convinced that a successful special operation to eliminate the Yankees ringleader international terrorist organization "Al-Qaeda" Osama bin Laden — a fiction. Initially, the head of the Ministry of disk imaging (which in combination makes the function of Intelligence and Security), Heidar Moslehi said he has documented evidence that "terrorist number one" is not destroyed in Pakistan, and died from the disease, and is ready to prove it almost on a terrible trial. And now he and the Persian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced whole the world of the next American scam. As if Osama bin Laden in advance to catch the Yankees for a long time kept in captivity, and "killed" just for the moment, guided by domestic political interests. Directly — for the second term of Barack Obama.

"Bin Laden had been killed long ago. I have clear information that bin Laden was kept for a long time South American military. They drove him to the disease, and he had been sick a day when he was killed by the Americans "- quoted Ahmadinejad's statement, made them live Iranian television, the news agency ISNA. "What did the president of the United States, are targeted to benefit the domestic policy. In other words, they killed him for re-election Obama, and now try to change it (bin Laden) someone else. So Makar, Americans are stepping the question of finding the successor to bin Laden"- Said Iranian favorite.

Of course, knowing the "love" of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the United States, one can imagine that he just enjoyed all the "neponyatku" around the death of Bin Laden and decided not to miss a comfortable option, "slander", so to speak, "good name" Uncle Sam in general and Barack Obama viz. And at the same time, if all of a sudden it will determine the role of the free world is now a scapegoat, say, see, I'll warn! Certainly, defenders of the American interpretation of the events that have occurred (or Tipo occurred) on the night of May 2 in Abbottabad, will rely specifically on such arguments. Or, more probably, to ignore.

How to ignore, for example, interviews Pakistani "neighbors" Bin Laden publication The Daily Telegraph: «We have never beheld there are no Arabs. Americans they say that the body is thrown into the sea. This is — a lie. It was never here. " How have not seen countless doubts in America, like the message of one of more of favorite American soldiers against the war in Iraq, Cindy Sheehan, who wrote: "I beg your pardon, but if you believe the newest death of bin Laden, then you — fool. Well, think about it: the dead sons of Saddam shown to show that they are dead … ". How not to pay attention to the published crisp white house "home video" of bin Laden, where he presses the button, the TV remote with his right hand, although it is clear (and including the FBI) that he was left-handed. Like … In general, dashing Obama's report on the "fresh" corpse of Osama "crap" can be a long time.

Personally, I did not cause any vibrations only one event: Bin Laden is really dead. No one would openly bluff in a political game with the highest stakes, so not breaking the trump card. But here's the WHEN and WHERE …

If we start from the postulate of "lies must be excellent, otherwise it will not believe," bin Laden's death is fully able to "hold off" for a more suitable option: sin to exchange the brand itself with trifles. Cynical, but disastrously pragmatic. Maybe, by the way, the last full-time President Bush because so quietly received the news of the elimination naiperveyshego own enemy, because he knew in advance that he has long been reposed in the Lord?

But then it turns out that the South American intelligence agencies are definitions of supplies of time to prepare answers to any tricky questions and avoid outright blunders in misinformation. In the end, it's not gallakticheskaya race, when the Soviet Union was breathing in the back of the U.S., and it was important to catch the moon at any cost. I remembered the "ancient legends" in no way the case. That "apolloniada" so far makes many healthy sense of skepticism, saying that South American astronauts to the moon personally have never met. Incidentally, much later let slip some experts at: famous epic lunar shots were installed in the halls of the Earth, allegedly "just in case" — suddenly real shot will not work … I am not currently under discussion, the Yankees were flying to the moon or did not fly, but simply stating: recognition shows similar potential willingness to deception, with a more massive scale. And nothing: whole the rest of the world is "swallowed", and even "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq is not choked. Means and bin Laden People shavaet: What specifically make an effort to hoax …

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