After the chaos of Syria will come to Iran, Russia, India, China

After the chaos of Syria will come to Iran, Russia, India, China

The victorious powers in the South American State Department are only interested in the process of redistribution of the world, the configuration for the configurations

What is "the developed world", "world community" is so necessary to throw Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and make a regime change?

It seems that in the U.S. foreign policy establishment completely overpowered those who are interested only in the process of transformation and redistribution of the world, not the formation of at least some more or less stable world order. Configuration for the configurations that can lead and provoke — that's the principle of the act. The main thing — to realize these changes are faster and other purely verbal sum declared under these configurations South American values. South American values — it's a conversation with the terminal facilities and the holders of power. And the identity of the pioneers in the riots be for the private, though what. Most importantly — above and in his own name. That means — to have.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, in comparison with those who identify jihad and democracy, for example, compared with Susan Rice (U.S. Ambassador to the unchanging UN.. — Ed.) — It's just Hegel's political thought. Brzezinski's geopolitical interests ontology — a lasting peace will be arranged. Susan Rice are only interested in political semantics — can be interpreted as an act of different groups in accordance with South American values. Geopolitical ontology end: defeated political semantics and arbitrary interpretations.

Who is winning in the State Department and U.S. intelligence "group methodologists "is ready to impose a Pax Americana (Latin for"South american the world. " — Note. Ed.) any form of configurations, however unmanaged and unbalanced as the consequences of these changes. If only they could strike a bypass conventional concepts — the rights and freedom of the individual, the formal "golosovatelnaya" democracy, etc. Moreover, Susan Rice, and behind it a group of states that nothing, not including configurations, and does not exist. There is nothing fixed, than the configuration. The main thing — to participate in the "digestion" of configurations themselves. Why, from this point of view does not bind together and cook in a single pot "American democracy" universal suffrage and jihad? Controlled in this case by the chaotic change, but the ratio to change.

The breakdown and eventual destruction of the secular pan-Arabism in Syria would mean the disintegration of the Islamic-Sunni and Shiite Islamic-world on an endless number of warring sects and groups. The next step is, of course, scrapping the existing power in Iran. If we continue to incite anger this teeming world of the Caucasus in the Russian or Indian Punjab, or Inner Mongolia, and Sintszyanskuyu Uighurs in China, the world will be plunged into a completely irreversible chaos configurations. This chaos will not possess any ontological stability. It can only be interpreted semantically more tricky. And it is — no longer controlled chaos, and chaos, which even impossible to realize.

Then, and for the demolition of the Alawite regime in Syria by all means bad. Although the specific criteria of the Alawites in general intransigence and probable eclectic content of their faith (about which we know only from the descriptions of their enemies!) Are flexible intermediaries between Catholicism and Islam, classical pagan beliefs of the region and the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Mohammedanism, Judaism).

Climbing to Syria — is the key to the collapse of Iran. And, as it should, and the opportunity for Turkey in the CIS uschuchit eventually Armenian diaspora, which has broken the alliance courtly Sarkozy of France with the brilliant Islamic-democratic port. There — egokulturnost howling sides issued for the freedom of expression of different groups.

Naturally very curious to see what is happening in Syria, based on the approach of confrontation small wrong war, developed by David Kilkallenom, the main adviser to Gen. Petraeus, the former commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now — the director of the CIA.

To indicate the particular type of the war, which the South American troops face in Iraq and Afghanistan, D.Kilkallen introduced a special concept — "guerrilla warfare on the occasion» («accidental guerilla»). I would have referred to it «guerilla ad hoc». There is a concept in futurist Alvin Toffler that an important type of organizational configurations that are now taking place in the world, called adhockratia, when there are organizational structures for the occasion. They do not have a never-ending and long as the institution of the president, a scientific research institute. No, it's — some organizational institutional design, which created a puzzle, and later dissolved after solving the problem.

It is from this point of view, analyzing and considering the nature of modern war in Iraq, Kilcullen argues that here there is the type of "small" wars, guerrilla war that breaks out on occasion. It has the capability of infection of various groups of the population. "War on the occasion of "contagious.

This type of military conflict is a compound and alloy fundamentally different parts. This, on the one hand, a certain type of rebellion, constantly smoldering on the area against the official authorities. The second element — terrorism, including international and. And the third component — is a manifestation of ethnic and religious hatred, clashes between different ethnic and religious groups. Usually, in the revolt-zone is a situation where there is a fusion of these 3 operating units.

From the perspective of system analysis of a similar situation can be called a "bad insidious problem» (wicked problem). When you work with the insidious problem of, you begin to deal with only a single face, by a single element, then there is a deterioration of the situation from the perspective of the other parts. And as a result the overall situation is aggravated by the feeling that the more you act in one direction, so basically you find yourself embroiled in a conflict of this sprawling coiled.

What is the solution offers Kilcullen to fight the war on occasion, based on the action of the rebel groups? Creating and building infrastructures that dramatically improves the lives of all, including those facing groups and, in a certain area. It just needs a powerful power, possessing power and authority.

And here the question arises: why does not actually consider those murders and performance that suits the opposition against the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad, as the action of the rebels, insurgents, which from the standpoint of pro-US legitimate government offers various control measures not only Kilcullen, and the charter of the field the U.S. Armed Forces? ..

There is — the action of double standards by the United States and serving their "world community."

But the principle is that the act must be constructive.

Why the Russian Federation together with China does not propose the creation of a fundamentally new infrastructure — energy, transport and aqua? Why not make the subject of discussion with the entire population of the country, with all groups in the development of an
international program from Syria?

There are no obstacles, so that a similar plan embodied concretely Our homeland. And we know how to engage in similar international group of European politicians and businessmen, Chinese and even Turkey, and others, all who cherish peace in Eurasia. The implementation of such a plan would be the first step for the implementation of international law on the development of any country. The next step is to plan for the development of infrastructure in Kurdistan. Moreover, the absence of such a plan will lead to intense flashing war in the border with Iraq, Turkish territories inhabited by the Kurds in the main, and the disintegration of Iraq.

Need International group Strategic Scenarios, able to program development at all Bolshennom Middle East. Using similar groups and programs from infrastructure development contracts with Assad acquire real ontological moral and meaningful despite continued political semantics of the U.S. State Department.

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