After the Senkaku residents of the rising sun will take on the Kuril Islands?

After the Japanese Senkaku take on the Kuril Islands?The Japanese newspaper "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported that the Government of the Land of the Rising Sun makes every effort to conclude a new contract for more active military cooperation with the United States of America. It is reported that the main principle of the defense strategy to bring together U.S. and Land of the Rising Sun was formulated in the late 70s of last century, when the inhabitants of the main danger of the rising sun was considered the military is gathering momentum North Korea. Now, as reported by "Yomiuri Shimbun", the Japanese authorities discussions are with Washington, the problem of the emergence of new threats in the region. For obvious reasons, these dangers are not named directly, but you can effortlessly guess that in addition to behold the Russian Federation in Tokyo, its main adversary in East Asia People's Republic of China.

There was no official reaction on the reorganization of the military cooperation between the U.S. and Japan from the U.S. capital had yet been received, but as proof of the idea that Americans are going to readily accept the proposals of the Japanese authorities can serve as joint exercises in the East China Sea. Note, the largest in many years.

It may be that if the US-Japanese naval exercises were held in the region of 5-6 years ago, the big buzz this information is unlikely to be able to call. But the exercises are held specifically at a time when bilateral affairs between China and Japan are strained to the maximum over the disputed Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu) that are specifically in the East China Sea. Accident? Well, unless there in the world today may be this kind of chance …

In general, South American and Japanese warships inappeasable decided to show the Chinese that the friendship between Tokyo and Washington grows stronger day by day … The exercise involved a truly impressive number of troops on both sides: 10 thousand Yankees and over 35 thousand Japanese. Initially, it was reported that the combined assault could even planted on the disputed uninhabited islands, but then from that idea was rejected because the test for yourself at a particular flame breathing Chinese dragon does not even hunt so close comrades as Tokyo and Washington. That is why in the course of the exercise is not called the main purpose of these maneuvers. In the posted material is reported that the exercises are focused against some hypothetical nature of the enemy. And yet it is difficult to guess who the opponent is, if the teachings are given in proximity to the disputed islands …

Noteworthy that in the current Japanese government that the residents of the country of the rising sun is often referred to as superfluous nationalist, while passing in the East China Sea, joint exercises argue that it is time to get down to the issue of the "northern territories." How is it going to solve the question of "Northern Territories" official Tokyo? Some political analysts agreed that Japan could go the same way as now — the way of joint exercises near the South Kuril Islands, together with South American soldiers in order to demonstrate their own particular purpose. But one of the Japanese media, "Keydzay Nihon Shimbun", opens another opportunity to put pressure on Russia from the official Tokyo.

Journalists' Nihon Shimbun Keydzay "decided to take the path of conspiracy and told his readers that, in principle, with Russia could have long to agree, if not for China … The publication refers to some agreement on security between Russia and Japan, which is Journalists believe, is a direct indication that Japan fully could have at the moment to count the Kurils — "Northern Territories". Say, Moscow does not make a "gesture of good will" only Beijing, which have a profitable regional government leading a territorial dispute with Japan. Well, the version is unique, do not say anything …

In other words, it appears that in the Land of the Rising Sun some media are trying to sow the soil at the public the idea that dares to question the Kuril Islands when he ventures on the Senkaku (Diaoyu). According to this state of affairs, Japan Tipo be using its own head ally (the United States) to deal with China, most of the island returning to the fold, and then the Russian Kuril Islands will present themselves on a silver platter …

Against this background, most of the new Japanese newspaper, one way or another, priklnnyh current Cabinet, came to articles in which the creators outline the "aggression" of China regarding the Senkaku. Content Hosting visible determination of the Japanese authorities who are trying to Chinese "aggression" to put the most severe barrier. As such, the barrier is seen specifically strengthening military cooperation with the United States, who are interested in the pressure on China.

But Japan's pro-government media — is far not the whole Japan. Many members of the Japanese public did not behold the decent that the current Prime Yoshihiko Noda extremely flirts with the Yankees. People on the streets of Japanese cities are increasingly began to go to the demonstrations that focus far not fight for the "South" or "Northern Territories" and the normalization of relations with its neighbors of the coming. The slogans that the South American military bases on the Ryukyu Islands (Japan) will not increase the economic efficiency of the Rising Sun, began to appear after the announcement of the severe problems in the financial system of the country since the start of confrontation with China. In addition, the ordinary people of the country of the rising sun indicate authorities in the ugliness of American troops on Okinawa: rape and beating of the local inhabitants. The expansion of U.S. military bases in the south land of the rising sun to pause, — so consider coming out to protest the inhabitants of large Japanese cities. At the same time about not a good counter to the economic component of the PRC residents of the country of the rising sun is also not forgets to mention.

Naturally the South American and the Japanese economy would be able to "reason with" the Chinese, but now it is certainly not profitable any of the parties. On the Chinese economy, so speak out, tied the lion fraction of imports in the United States and in the land of the rising sun.

In this regard, we can say that all these mass exercises look just like a big "formidable" dummy, which is not able to turn into a real military confrontation. After all, as for the Senkaku (Dyaoydao) will feature the first shots (if it comes earlier) hydra economic crisis can fully absorb one of the most rapidly developing regions of the world. And there, and to the latest global recession nearby.

If the Prime Minister Noda on it will turn a blind eye, he can already completely in a short time to say goodbye to his chair. After all, often in world history there have been episodes when a very active politician, trying to get a new area, or was obliged to renounce to continue his political career, or lose track of what the country by that time had been in territorial terms.

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