After the swamp

After the swamp

Lofty Swamp protest did not survive its own anniversary. Born in the throes of an intellectual reflection of the Coordination Council to coordinate, in general, there is nothing. The only thing that bog With years — is impressive and representative voting for Putin, who marsh movement allowed for a fully informative campaign. It must be admitted that no such campaigns without the presence of a visible danger of marsh to be unrealistic, since no meaningful policy was valid at the time power did not show.

Back in the summer we called the process occurring in the marsh movement, "raskhomyachivaniem protest." On why online hamster — the main social movement support — left him says a lot. Here the main fact — that the hamster raskhomyachilsya process. In other words dissolved. Forever. Return a hamster in this protest is unreal, and for at least some other probable and possible protest homyachek not needed, and he did not go. Because no revival of the protest will not be. We state it is not with malice, but with regret and even horror, as this protest is just no horror in fact cause I could not.

Why hamster protest in principle no future where the government actually exists and operates power, somehow conscious of itself is? We already were that feature online audience is that it can be manipulated, and quite simply, right by the time and subject. But it absolutely impossible to control. At a time when the mass of the hamster feels that it begin to operate and manage, it dissipates once. And for the true revolution required the true leaders and really control the masses.

Swamp movement actually own a movement of intra-elite. Specifically connected with this it only metropolitan localization. That of the public in a fairly representative number of nowhere, excluding Moscow, even in St Petersburg. Since this audience, this whole офисноменеджерскожурналистскопиаровский plankton — this is our attendants elite kleptocracy that is localized in Moscow. By the way, in this context, a lot of fun when on behalf of the public's call for fight against corruption. In the event of a victory over corruption even destroy it is not necessary, it just die of hunger.

In other words marsh movement — it is a regular orangeade. Raw materials for the production of the "orange revolution". The "orange revolution" that are different from the real revolution, the revolution that they do not — it's intra-elite coups, while the revolution — this is a change of elites. The extermination of the new elites of old times. The "orange revolution" — a substitution of the least comprador elite group at a comprador. "Orange Revolution" can not overthrow the government, if it really exists as a power. And not as a system of native administration, which has sovereignty over the outer owner. Since its scheme involves the need to ask permission, whether native rulers retain his seat or it's time to pass it a more attractive candidate for the owner. By the way, the fact that manifestations of marsh orangeade evidence that a large proportion of Russian elites had the impression that such a power in Russia is not. And you can try out.

In fact though what the political process, whether it is through elections, succession, coups, in any municipal unit, Call it democracy, even a dictatorship, much is divisible only by one feature: a mechanism for the reproduction of existing power elites or is scrapped such a mechanism, other words, a change of elites — social revolution.

Swamp protest, certainly, no social revolution, and even this was not an attempt. This rebellion against the authority of the comprador elites. In any case against her element that kind of power in the Russian historical sense is, simply put, against Vladimir Putin What elite, It and rebellion. Recall the other day of the 1905 revolution our bourgeoisie developed its own particular form of protest. We know from the Russian history that a form of protest of the peasantry — is a revolt of the proletariat — this is a strike. A form of protest of our bourgeoisie — a "banquet Company", when going to an abundant feast, which makes a toast anti-government.

Компрадорскобуржуазнодемократическая kvazirevolyutsiya in Russia failed. Just as it is sinking and will always fall through. Social protests and, God forbid, social revolution in Russia and likely completely possible with a sharp burdening economic situation. And such is actually burdening inevitably. The fact that from that revolution segodnyaschy marsh and okolobolotnaya audience will not much pleasure, comfort rather weak.

Only one solution: raskhomyachivanie protest must be accompanied by raskhomyachivaniem power. In principle, we have before us a common candidate. A) The uprising against the government elite. Direct appeal to the people over the heads of the existing elites. In fact, segodnyaschy power and drawn, however, in the principal imidzhevym nothing. But even that gives it legitimacy. Bye. B) The uprising of the people against the elite and the government. What once would mean that the real power in Russia historically sense anymore. How was it, for example, in October 1917. In our particular case, it could mean suicide and council of the Russian people.

In fact, the only optimal solution to the current government — is to perform a social revolution from above — to change the existing elite. In fact no reasons not to do so is not. First. As the current elite — the marauding, comprador and useless — merges the country. 2nd. Since this elite correctly identified and openly verbalizes aggressively anti-state and anti-national policies and ideologies in which no systematic positive activity is not likely. And openly puts it inside the existing system of government. The third. Since, by the fact that elite have rebelled against the government, in other words bitten hand that feeds her. Continue to feed the dog with hand distraught counterproductive.

PS As for the comments of an old revolutionary of our Delyagina that "for the crisis in Russia lacks only the Russian youth." The point is not that described by the creator of several ethno-demographic tragedy exaggerated. The fact of young people as is. From a social point of view of youth — is a severe mental illness, which over the years will inevitably pass. However, if earlier age will live. As most of the individual and the country of residence. Our other creator, Iskander VALITOV with pinpoint accuracy describes the social disease of our society will be reflected in the protest movement — a characteristic lack of will to children's emotional self-restraint. The advantage of 'youth' in front of mature people that there is less reason, education, experience, professionalism, responsibility — socialization in general. More reactivity, spontaneity, trusting extremism, unfulfilled ambitions, sex drive and physical strength. But the advantage is only for those who wish to inflict some massive orgies.

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