Again, a mysterious blue light over the surface of the moon


Again, the official photo of the lunar surface from NASA enthusiasts have found a strange bluish-green glow. This time it is from the edge of the photo, and that there remained out of the frame, we can only guess.


This photo was taken during the flight of Apollo 15. On the mysterious lights on the surface of the moon has informed the crew of Apollo 11. From unofficial sources, the strange glowing object approached with "Apollo 12" and pursued the "Apollo 13".


At one of the turns around the moon astronaut "Apollo — 17" H.Shmidt saw a bright flash to the north of the crater Grimaldi B. The next day, during the fourteenth flight around the moon orbital module pilot "Apollo — 17" R.Evans reported in Houston " Hey! You know, you'll never believe it! I'm just over the edge of the East Sea. I looked down and saw a flash of light on the eastern edge of … "


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